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SG Standard Pickup replacement 490t -> 498T


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Hi there,

I have a relatively new SG Standard with PCB board and Quick Connect. I don't like the 490t in the bridge position and would like to swap it for a 498t. Since the 498t with Quick Connect isn't available anywhere, I have to solder it to one of these adapters from Ebay. The question now is this...do I keep the color coding from the 490t? so red-black-white-green-shield? As shown in the picture in the illustration below? I'm a bit confused because I've already seen 498t, where the adapter was white-green-red-black-shield... what would be correct? Does anyone know that?


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According to the chart you posted the pickups share the same color code. You described it as currently being connected in the “reverse phase” configuration. 

If you want to just change the pickup and have all else remain the same, copy the existing configuration

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Yes, the 490r + 490t seem to be connected in the reverse phase configuration....the connectors are wired exactly like the picture I posted above...

The question was, if I swap the 490t for the 498t, should I keep the configuration like that or whether it should be different in the combination of pickups....

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