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  1. I wasn’t really making a comment about the history of Epiphone, Gibson, Les Paul, or anything like that. We were talking about Gibson smashing Epiphones because they compete with Gibson sales. Gibson owns Epiphone and they are in the business of selling guitars so I doubt that Gibson would get worried if Epiphone sales were high..
  2. The stock Gibson deluxe Kluson style tuners are also made by Grover so really they’re Grovers either way 😁 I think you’re good to go either way. They’re both nice tuners. Good luck with the 335
  3. I’m not sure how that response applies to my post that was quoted sorry
  4. I highly doubt that. More likely that people would rather pay roughly the same price for the Gibson equivalent. The corresponding Gibson model for the Casino is the ES-330 but the Casino is a particularly desirable model due to the association with the Beatles The Casino is basically the only model with enough demand to keep around at that price point with that brand name. The Texan is cool but there are a lot more Beatles fans than Wings fans. When it comes time to pony up that amount of cash most people simply aren’t looking for an Epiphone. Then you had the Elitist SG and whatnot which again most people would rather just buy the Gibson Anyway Gibson owns Epiphone. So I don’t see how an Epiphone made in the Gibson factory or not would “hurt” Gibson’s sales. A sale for Epiphone is a sale for Gibson.
  5. Coronet, Wiltshire, Crestwood.. I’ve always liked those Epi models. They used to have like 20 of them on the wall in the GC Hollywood. Not sure if they still have a bunch but I always wanted one
  6. Thanks Fester I’m using the Indian rosewood board from here https://www.stewmac.com/tonewoods/electric-guitar-bodies-and-necks-and-wood/electric-guitar-fingerboards/slotted-fingerboard-for-gibson-guitar.html?lac_guid=da0a718e-e113-eb11-8102-ecb1d775572b&utm_campaign=EMAIL-SHP&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=Shipment_Confirmation What are you planning on building? The radiused caul is really useful. You can use it to sand your inlays flush, sand the board without changing the radius, and you can use it to clamp the fretboard to the neck. I cut slots on that caul in the pattern of the frets so that the caul only touches the rosewood and not the frets. Then used it to clamp the fretboard to the neck. The reason you want to clamp with a radiused caul is to apply even clamping pressure to the radiused fretboard. If you used a flat piece on top of the fretboard while clamping for example it would press the center of the fretboard harder than the outer edges. If you used a caul with a smaller radius it would press the outer edges more than the center of the board
  7. Dub-T-123


    I don’t bat an eye at 6 Teles. The best fender model 😻
  8. Dub-T-123


    Congrats bud looks great. My little bro got a new Tele recently and the neck is just phenomenal. They’re doing some great feeling stuff right now
  9. Yesterday was a big day! I glued the fretboard on first which was more work than I was expecting. I didn’t have a toothpick so rather than go across the street to buy some, I made a 1/16” dowel out of maple lol That went well though and I love the fretboard locating pin trick despite the fact I did it in just about the most difficult way possible While that was clamped up I got the body all sanded since it will be much more difficult to sand when it’s all put together Then I started shaping the neck which was the most fun part so far. It feels great at this point, I like the profile. I’m just going to take a bit more meat off the “shoulders” so it feels more like my R9 but I’m really happy so far. Just need a little more work on the heel and headstock transitions, removing a couple little bumps, and sanding. I almost don’t want to post a pic right now because it’s going to get quite refined in the next pic but here we are at this stage after the preliminary rough shaping
  10. Post a pic of the grain on the neck and I’m sure we can ID it. Most likely Honduran mahogany
  11. All 3 would be great but I’d lean towards the Custom
  12. For extra credit points I used the secret scribing awl from the bottom of a compound square 🤓
  13. Why thankyou ME 😃 I cracked open a beer, eyeballed the marks with a scribing awl, and let it rip with a handheld drill. It was the least precise part of the build process so far but the work area is small enough that I can probably eyeball it more precisely than I could measure/mark it. It looks great in person. Doesn’t look wonky or homemade yet at this point I’m feeling good. Watching lots of neck shaping videos on YouTube tonight trying to soak up any more info before I dive in tomorrow. The fretboard is not getting glued on today after all. Just didn’t have time before work this morning to do it properly. I’ll get it done first thing tomorrow morning
  14. Thanks retired! I’m hoping to glue the fretboard today so I can start shaping the neck first thing tomorrow. Got the rest of the side dot inlays done in anticipation (fret ends haven’t been filed on this board). Not a great pic but there’s a little bit of super glue around the holes. When the whole thing is filed/scraped/sanded that will disappear
  15. It doesn’t have binding, it has the edge of the maple top showing
  16. I think they look cool 👽 Not a fan of “aged” guitars, signature models, or the price tag but love the Flying V and SG Custom. The video was laden with BS but so is everything else. I ignored what they were saying like always. The inlays on the V are cool. I’m curious what the story on the original V is cause I haven’t really seen another one like it. Were those inlays standard at some point or was that made just for Jimi? The SG looks *****in.
  17. Interesting that they remade the nylon saddles
  18. Thanks Uncle Fester! I did some work on the fret ends last night and started the side dots. One fretboard is all ready to be glued, the other will be ready tonight. I probably should have drilled locating pins on the fretboard before I installed the frets and inlays but no prob. I’m going to use the template to make matching blind holes in the neck and fretboard. Here’s a video of Ben showing us how it’s properly done (aka not the way I’m gonna do it now lol) https://youtu.be/MX1cxFKRXG4
  19. Have you seen Forged In Fire? I like some of those competition shows. Forged in Fire is pretty cool to just chill out and watch
  20. With that said it’s probably only a matter of time before they do a similar show on vice except with thc infused “edibles”
  21. I get what you’re saying and yes the music is crap. Just the way you worded it is dangerous because it could imply that black and gay people can’t belong in country music. Of course I know that’s not what you’re saying but you know how people will read your statement these days I guess I’m also vaguely making a point that there’s a whole lot of gay bubbling under the surface there for a long time
  22. Your first paragraph in your last post pretty much summed up the whole thing perfectly Joel. Regarding being black or gay in country that’s some real thin ice. Charley Pride is the first example I’d think of regarding a legit African American country musician. Although nobody wants you to come out and say I chug **** like nobody’s business, there is a lot of homoeroticism in country and cowboy culture just like there is in hard rock etc
  23. He hang around till you find he don’t know nothin
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