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  1. I doubt that Gibson makes two versions of this case for Standards/Customs or Specials/Jrs. I’m probably going to add more confusion because it seems that we may be talking about two or maybe three different cases here... From what I can tell, the OP and I are talking about the cases included with our brand new 2020 Historic Les Pauls. I don’t know the manufacturer of my case but the tag says made in Costa Rica. The lining is a light pink color Then we see Fran’s case which has a vivid fuchsia colored lining. I believe this case is also made in Costa Rica but is slightly different. I have seen listings for older Historic Gibsons where they claim that this is the better version of the Costa Rican case. Then we have the old TKL cases which were made in Canada. I don’t know about TKL having ever made the “lifton” style case but their Gibson USA cases were nice. At any rate I think it’s safe for you guys to assume that the lifton style cases are not designed to be highly protective and safe for your guitar
  2. That sounds like they didn’t ground lug 1 of each volume pot. Post a pic of the inside of the cavity and it might be glaringly obvious. Since you’re taking it to a tech it may be irrelevant to investigate further. Should be a breeze for any tech
  3. You’re welcome and yes it is 🙂
  4. Thanks man! No I’m not currently in a gigging band, but I’ve been jamming with friends on it. Sounds incredible! I’ll definitely record some sounds for you guys to post up here at some point but it’s been super hot in my rehearsal space since I got the LP. The AC hasn’t been working in there this summer and it’s just like playing in a sauna
  5. Here’s a look inside my 2020 “R9” I have no idea if they’re another cap in a plastic shell or if it’s an actual PIO cap. Sounds good enough to not bother with changing
  6. Thanks guys. All credit goes to Gibson really for doing such an outstanding job on this guitar. Hope we see some more 2019-2020 Gibsons here soon!
  7. I saw a pic of Paul Kossoff’s LP and was surprised how similar our maple tops look aside from the fading Whaddaya guys think? Am I trippin out? Pippy where you at?! 🥴
  8. A google search shows this limited edition ‘56 reissue in sunburst https://www.pinterest.com/pin/440578776031467978/
  9. I don’t know enough about the pickups but my best guess is late 70s Gibson? The stamped patent number and wood spacer are big clues. If you post those pics on the mylespaul forum there are some guys there who know EVERYTHING about Gibson pickups
  10. The sunburst Les Paul wasn’t available till ‘58. In ‘56 carved top Les Pauls were available in gold (Standard) and black (Custom)
  11. The case is my only complaint on my new custom shop Les Paul as well. The guitars are worth reissuing in exacting detail. The case isn’t, at least to me. Is the problem with yours that the case is for a Les Paul Standard or Custom which are thicker than the Special? With mine the back of the guitar is mostly floating over the padding and the tuning keys are able to touch the sides of the case
  12. John Mayer helps him express tender feelings because his music is true and heartfelt. But when he wants to hog out moms it’s gotta be Mudvayne or Bush
  13. I would almost guarantee this guy has a Pearl Jam poster in his trailer/mom’s house
  14. Hey Gibson ******bags, go lick your penises and moms Then suck on THIS.. I’m buying a Music Man!! Hahahahaha!!!
  15. Had to give you a +1 for that
  16. Is that what they said before it was the heroin that made everyone good?
  17. I’m thinking the amp is a pile TBH Over the years I’ve found that the cheapest, worst piece of gear will always have a ton of positive reviews by inexperienced players who are thrilled to hear any sound at all. Their guitar is probably out of tune and they’re probably chunking out the worst cover of Heartbreaker you’ve ever heard but they think they’re hearing glorious rock n roll. Then you look at a higher quality, more expensive amp and it will have more mixed reviews. It’s better but the people reviewing it tend to be more discerning and critical of shortcomings. Always use your ears..
  18. Dunno if it’s just me but that sounds like shiit 🤮 Maybe it’s just the way it was recorded but that is a limp sounding attack, dull high end, and terrible reverb. The 2 EQ knobs and reverb seem to be added on to impress the customer with how many knobs there are rather than adding useful sounds. I stopped watching the video once he kicked on distortion pedals but even for the price seems like a waste of money
  19. Those Ibanez are nice guitars. Congrats! The burst on that 339 looks worse than most chinese guitars. Ya screwed up boys just paint the whole thing black
  20. That’s more than you need to spend unless you want to replace the switch and jack. I believe the Gibson will come stock with the same Switchcraft switch and jack. I’ve bought from the art of tone on eBay and he has CTS pots in 5% tolerance and will ship it with orange drop caps. The stewmac ones are 10% which is still good for pots
  21. Thanks for the info Steve. Your description of the sound does make me wonder how much could be improved by changing the pots to 500K. That ebony fretboard looks really nice
  22. How does this one stack up against the others? Anyone else ever notice how different various tv yellow finishes from Gibson are? Some are really translucent and lighter and some are really opaque and yellow
  23. 😬 I don’t drink coffee or anything with caffeine. Sorry man!
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