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Sheryl Crow 1962 Country Western Reissue

Navajo Chief

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I love this guitar, when I'm not playing it I'm sitting staring at it, fit and finish are flawless, sound is pure Gibson, there are a couple of little things, the tuners are horrible, I know why they are there, it's a 1962 replica, they are still horrible, sorry Sheryl but it's my guitar now, I replaced them with Grovers right away, they look and work way better, white plastic bridge pins?? that's just wrong, "Musicians Friend" online has Gibson rosewood pins, they fit, match the bridge and look great, next I replaced the light strings with mediums, that's when she really came to life. There is a lot of negative talk online about Gibson quality and consistency, all the Gibsons I looked at were fine, and I have to say they sure got it right with this one, I am really not worthy of this beautiful guitar.

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