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Treelawn find...L-7 what year?


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I'm assuming from the picture it's a 17" body. The L-7 went from 16" to a 17" body in late '35. The rectangular borders around the fretboard markers were applied to this model around the same time, as was the "new" headstock inlay (Non-Fleur-di-lis). The headstock logo is what is referred to as the "mid thirties thin logo". The headstock logo went to the "late thirties thick logo" around '38. There was also some tailpiece changes during this period, but you show no tailpiece, so I can't determine anything from that. It also seems the paper label that would have contained the model number and serial number is also missing.


Without a tailpiece or serial number I would venture to say that what you have there was made between late-'35 and early-'38.

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