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Jimmy Page - Guitar Afficionado Magazine

Mr. Robot

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Jimmy Page is on the front cover of the second edition, with a photo of his 2007 Gibson Black Beauty. There is also a photo of him with his 1937 Gibson built Cromwell, which I dont think has ever been photographed before? He used it on some very early Yardbird stuff.


I know it is not everyone's taste, but I love this magazine.


It has an article on the home of Rickenbacker's CEO in Laguna Beach, including his fully blown home studio. The door handles to the studio are made out of two Rickenbacker guitar necks.


There is also a good story on the legend of the Les Paul by Tony Bacon - with references to Keith Richard, Eric Clapton and of course Jimmy Page and they go inside Eric Johnson's new studio and see some of his guitars, including his 60's Block Cherry ES 335.


Wonderful photography on some high end guitars.

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