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Cool Gibson sales video '98


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I picked up a short VHS tape off ebay for five bucks. It's a sales video showing most of Gibson's acoustic line for 1998. They seemed to spend a lot of time on the CL series, which I'm not really familiar with other than recognition. Mighty attractive though. There are a few songs performed by Geoff Achison playing a J45. The guy is good. I'm sure those notes are on my guitars too, but I can't pull them out like he did!


The video shows closeups of the various models with a voice over and a pair of hands pointing out details. The person reading the script ran into a typo though.... I didn't know Gibson made slop shouldered guitars. At least I thought that's what he said, I didn't back the tape up.


The figured maple on the blonde EC-30 Blues King would incite wailing, gnashing of teeth, and rending of garments.


Eleven years late, but hats off to the folks at Bozeman. Hard to believe those things are made by mere mortals.

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