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Silverbursted - Jammin' via voice mail :-)


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I probably shouldn't do this....


But hey, that's never stopped me before!!!


I have a story to share about the Silverbursted Free-Form Jam via cell phone voice mail.



This morning I was going through a million emails, work stuff, and ducking in and out of various forums.

In and out of my office to pay much-deserved attention to Mrs. Neo.

Provide some much-needed amusement for the Marauding Hell Hounds that guard the NeoCon Compound.


So Silverbursted sent a PM to me asking if I would be in Phoenix today.

Meet up at the greatest dealer in the world - Bizarre Guitar, do some lunch and so on....


Well, I didn't see the PM for an hour, by the time I replied he was on the road already.

He gets email notification via his fancy hi-tech cellphone, so he calls my cell to say howdy.


Well, the ringer is always off on my cell phone due to my schedule and job requirements so I missed him again.



When I see the missed call I call him back.

He's telling me about his plans and the amps he's looking at while I have to beg off and stay home.

Maybe next weekend I'll drive the 50 miles to town, that works better for me.



A couple hours later I get another call on my cell phone that I miss, having no idea what I'm about to find....

The phone has a voice mail now, and I see I've missed SB one more time!

Damn, ain't technology a b!tch?


I dial my voice mail, wondering if he's just dropped another $3,000 at Bizarre Guitar and I get......


..... noises.





Muffled noises, people talking..... wait!


I hear electric guitar and voices now.

Wonder what he's gonna play for me?


I'm waiting.....

















Okay, obviously he has dialed me accidentally and he's down at Bizarre or someplace jamming out.




So the odd riffs and power chords continue with voices mixed in - hey, that was Led Zep there!


I'm waiting......




Mrs. Neo gives me The Look.


We're getting ready to go eat dinner and she's wondering why I'm still on my cell phone.

Okay, I gotta get ready to go so I put the phone on external speaker and set it on the desk beside her.

I tell her to let me know when the Silverbursted Free-Form Jam via cell phone voice mail ends.


After 11 minutes, I get the automated voice prompt asking if I want to save the mesage or delete it.


Oh, Buddy!

I'm saving this one for damned sure!!!!


We get in the truck and as we're heading into town I call SB to let him in on the joke he played on himself.

A good laugh was had by all, we talked amps, guitars, dealers, work schedules and such then he says

"I bet I'm gonna hear about this on the Gibson forum, aren't I...."


I had to laugh.

Until he mentioned it, the idea never crossed my mind....


Those Top Gun helicopter drivers are quick and nimble in the gray matter, eh?



Sorry, SB!


I had to!!!



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