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Need LP advice...


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Greetings all -


I have a 93 standard with A pair of Duncan 59's and a Bigsby. It just doesn't sound right not like a Les Paul should, it has all the stock Pots and Caps. it was just set up, and it plays well - but just sounds week and not full.


My question is should i go for a new wiring kit with CTS pots (500's) and new caps? Oil Filled or the Sprague Orange drops? I am thinking the issue is somewhere in there since the rest of the guitar checks out.


Has anyone else done a whole electronic upgrade to their LP?


thanks in advance


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I have heard that some LP's have been know to have 100k tone pots in them along with 300k volume pots. I have a '07 LP and have upgraded the pots (came with 300k Gibson volume and 500k Gibson tone pots) to CTS 500k pots and 50's wiring. Now most 500k pots are usually below 500k but they can be modified to read 500k. Here is a link which has info on the pots and the Brian Mod on how to get your 500k pots to read a true 500k. LesPaul Forum HotRod Shop


Verify first that the pots and their value (300k, 500k, 100k) before replacing as it would not make much sense to replace with something of equal value.


After doing this to my '07 and adding different caps (.022 Spargue Vitamin Q's) it was if the pickups are now allowed to really sing. Some have mentioned it is like "taking the blanket off our amp". The difference is that much.


If you can solder this is a pretty inexpensive mod that you can undo if you do not like. I would also replace the ceramic caps with something better. Do a search on caps for what others have to say.



Hope this helps.

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