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Please help identify this Les Paul Special


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I'm likely making a trade for a Les Paul Special. I have absolutely no reason to (and am not) questioning the integrity of its owner, but there are a couple of anomalies that I would hoping you all could help with.


The guitar is described as a late 90's Les Paul Special Reissue in TV Yellow. It is not part of the faded series but rather has a high gloss finish. It came with P-100's.


The guitar doesn't have the wraparound bridge. It also has mini trapezoid fret inlays. My understanding is that both of these factors make it "unusual."


Any thoughts on what model it might be or how it might have come to have the inlays and bridge?







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my special is an 02 and has the same bridge set up, its rather common on specials anymore. the mini trapezoids however i know nothing about, Mine has dot inlays.

the best advice when questioning anything is to send Gibson pics and they will (most of the time) give you accurate info. regarding the guitar.

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