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  1. Also Mr. Thirdly, and finally for now this fellow of strange Irish name
  2. Lol... call me anything just don't call me late for supper haha

  3. Psh I don't believe you! Liar!

  4. Dang it DAS! Lol, sorry, I knew that, just brain farted, I know you.. Yeah, thanks, glad to be back :)

  5. I ain't Dub man! But welcome back anyway :P I'd started to wonder where you'd gotten off to

  6. Hey Dub, I'm back for a little while :) How's it going? Hope things are swell!

  7. More Bob Dylan and the Band? :D I've also been quite disappointed that I could never hear the full Last Waltz version of Chest Fever (the one they show right before they go on about Garth

  8. Thanks for the link, brother. Is there anything better than Dylan and The Band?

  9. The official release missed this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cM_hXBtU9Y&feature=related

    Thought you might appreciate it

  10. Awesome! Listened to the whole thing, you have a great outlook on the whole thing :) I've said it before, one o' these stands is on my list!
  11. Matt! I got through with the first movement :) I have it all in my head, with a few alterations (for my ease and taste). Now, I gotta work out the kinks and get the timing right :P Thank you so much man

  12. Thoroughly enjoying this entire CD at the moment :D Picture is a bit grainy, I scanned it in.
  13. Wahkeen where'd you tun off to? :(

  14. So, looking at the requirements for the audition, the time of the piece I'm allowed to play has to be 3 minutes (less or a bit more), and the Fanfare fits perfectly in that window! So chances are I'll be doing that for the audition (though I will learn the rest, just more intensive on that so I get it down) :)

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