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  1. I lived for about a year in a.. slightly rough area of Boston. Rough enough that, in spite of specifically requesting that it be left on the doorstep they never would (neither UPS or USPS). Several packages just never got to me, were sent back to the shipper, and I was credited for the purchase. I am not going to be around at noon on a Wednesday for the love of god. Leaving it and taking the risk does me better than sending it the hell back so I never get the damned thing. They meant well, but hell... I'm giving you permission to go for it... Hang in there, eventual delivery'll be even
  2. This is the real key in my experience (after some enforcement by teachers and professors alike). There's a thought I've found to be true that what you're messing up at full speed stems from a problem at a slower speed. Halve the speed (take it with a metronome), and play it with excruciating attention to detail. It's the best way I've found to iron problems out of a piece in the crunch time before performances/juries.
  3. DAS44

    Hi Guys!

    Double post, didn't even hit post twice. Router's been acting up lately, apologies.
  4. DAS44

    Hi Guys!

    Few more Les Pauls and you can... continue buying them? Nobody here'd argue Welcome back about
  5. The traditional answer is... keep doing it. The more you do it, the better you'll be able to ride the fear (as it's been put to me). It's said so often because... frankly, it's the way to do it. There's no magical sequence of words that'll dispel the fear, just keep going. Everyone's on your side, everyone (especially the musicians around you) understands. (and if they aren't and don't, **** 'em) I've traditionally had serious troubles performing solo (perhaps because... nearly every time I have it's been in the environment of juries in a formal and classical environment), but eve
  6. I had pleurisy along with bilateral pneumonia a couple years back, it's rather gnarly even outside of the fact that it hurts every damned breath. They threw some anti-inflammatories that did a hell of a lot of good. Hope you feel better soon, if not already. It ain't fun. Curious, as it applied in my case, were they concerned you may have had meningitis? Most of my pain was centered around the spine at my shoulders so it was a concern, spinal tap and all.
  7. Well heck Surfpup, friend of mine suggested Ghost just yesterday. He saw them give an acoustic performance of part of their new album a few days ago. They threw the whole thing onto youtube with links to itunes and the like, pretty neat. To the point though Feels like he's reading from the same worn out book as everyone else I've heard pose this question. Over the past few years I've become increasingly sick of this sort of discourse, as it seems to be borne not of an exploration of today's music but rather a refusal to really dive in more deeply than would allow confirmation bias
  8. Sweet mother of all things holy Charlie, what possessed you to sell that?
  9. Since Steve covered the question, time for nonsense They're roasted cacao beans of course
  10. Sounds like it was a bit of a sham... I'm sorry
  11. Judging by this, and I could list quite a few to this end... Are you by any chance a fan of the album Stephane Grappelli and Joe Venuti did with Barney Kessel on guitfiddle?
  12. To be straight, Beats are flat out bad. They emphasize the bass far too heavily and there isn't much else there. Advertising pays. Budget is really important though, I currently use a pair of Beyerdynamic HD PRO 1s (200 usd), which replaced my accidentally destroyed Audio Technica ATH-M50s (150 usd at the time, new version should be roughly the same), that followed a pair of AKGs (the model of which I have forgotten). The Audio Technicas served me very well for a long time, and I am still quite fond of the Beyerdynamics. Also what variety you're after is important, open, closed, semi?
  13. DAS44


    $500? Well, judging by the demos I've dug up.... Kidney for sale I'm a bit of a reverb lover... perhaps too much so.
  14. It seems to me this whole debate is more about performance than music as a greater whole, or it should be. I should preface what follows by saying that, in spite of my blues origins and recent classical pursuits, I am both a proponent and fan of the sort of electronic music that seems to receive an inordinate amount of scorn (personal viewpoint mind you...). I'll keep this fairly brief, and by that I mean I'll probably wander on a brief tangents before circling back to an insufficiently argued main point (that is how these things usually turn out for me, ever the one for asides... I i
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