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Well I never thought that the first guitar I got two of would be an SG, but as it turned out it is (sort of).


I've been GASsing for a bass and after doing my taxes the choice came down to a very common Mexican P-Bass or my newest guitar, a faded SG bass. There are a few rough spots where it wasn't really sanded that well, but the sound and feel is near perfect so it's a keeper. I figure somebody sent it back because of the finish issue since it didn't come in a Gibson box. I'll take the compensation though since MF packed it in a Gibby case when it was supposed to have a gig bag. Since SG bass cases are nearly impossible to find, I'm more than happy. Pulled it out of the box, tuned it up and found my sound almost immediately even though I haven't picked up a bass in 20 years.


Anyhow here it is along with my (previously posted) 61 RI:




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Very nice! My bass player is thinking of getting one so we can have twin SG attack on stage.


Seriously though I think you made a great choice. The SG bass is the last model you think of when you think bass. EVERYBODYS got that same old tired P Bass. Glad you're enjoying it!

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