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Long and short


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My guess is yes.

I have the long one, never looked that closely at the short one.


There are small, short pins protruding from the sides of mine, the long tail cover hooks to them.

Without the cover, I don't think the pins would be very obvious.


Never pulled the cover off of mine, so I don't know exactly what that small hidden portion of the spring looks like.


You can thank me for nothing.

Sorry I don't have a definitive answer.

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They are NOT interchangeable. The short tailpiece is drilled for 3 mounting screws,and if you remove the chrome cover over the trapeze,that part of the tailpiece is only drilled for 2,and none of the holes line up. You can, however,make it fit if you don't mind drilling holes in the guitar to mount the Maestro. I mounted one in 1972 to my '67 SG Special.

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