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pup covers - advisability


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What is the effect on the output and character of an open-face pick-up when a nickel cover is soldered on?


Any cautions? I'm happy if things get warmer, but not if they get dull and muddy.


I currently have 490s on a new SG Special.



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I removed the covers from the pups on my LP (490R/498T) years ago and, while there was a difference, it wasn't anything significant. I noticed a slight change in the high frequencies but definitely nothing that made it more or less warmer or brighter, just a little different and probably nothing that couldn't be achieved just by adjusting the treble control on the amp. IMO, the only reason to take the covers off is if you're having issues with microphonic feedback from playing loudly with lots of gain; or if you put covers on, do it because you like the look.

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