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A little background. I know next to nithing about guitars and don't play. I'm only here to help my son learn about guitars. He started playing about 1 1/2 years ago and recently upgraded to a Gibson SG Standard. I want to also get him a LP and have been looking around for a used one.


I came accross a LP that does not have the bridge and tailpiece. The guy says the wiring is also bad. The guy is pretty vauge about the guitar so my BS meter is up.


My questions to you are?


What's the approximate year and style of this guitar? (remember I know nothing about these)


How much would a bridge, tailpiece and wiring cost?


How hard is it to replace this stuff?


I kinda thought if the price was right I may buy it and fix it up, or have someone fix it up...


This is all the info I have on it at this point, I'm trying to get more. Here are some pics.





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Thanks for the welcome.


This is all I got so far. I have already requested more info and pics of the neck joint and head stock, but haven't got it yet.


One thing I forgot to mention was that he says it is approximately 40 years old, if that helps...

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