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Harrow Council commemorates Townshend's guitar smashing


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Good show, cousins! [biggrin]




"The location where Pete Townshend first smashed an electric guitar on stage has been hailed as a rock landmark by a local authority.

According to Harrow Council, The Who's habit of smashing guitars during their gigs began in a pub called the Railway Hotel in 1964"

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I recall an interview I read that Pete Towhshend gave.The ceiling over the stage was quite low and during one of Pete's trademark acrobatic jumps the headstock of his SG hit the ceiling and broke off.Pete being the showman he always has been carried on as if it was a planned part of the act and proceded to reduce the guitar to toothpicks.From then on every performance was filled with shouts of"Smash yer guitar!"and the ever obliging Pete didn't disappoint his fans.


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