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Lefty Frizzell's 1949 SJ-200


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Howdy, I am a huge Lefty Frizzell fan and I love his guitar. I'd like to have one made just like his. My research tells me that it will have to be an SJ-200 with a blond spruce top, sunburst flame maple sides, and a sunburst birds-eye maple back. I can do the upper custom pickguard myself and I only hope that Gibson will (or can) do the Bigsby style neck and headstock. It will have to be very customized and Gibson has told me that i need to deal directly with the Montana shop, but I have to go through a dealer. So, who would be the best dealer to go through in order to make this dream come true? Also does ANYONE have any further information or detailed photos of Lefty's guitar that would help me on my endeavor. I have several photos from retrofret.com (they sold it a couple years back) and an article about the guitar in the Sept '06 issue of Vintage Guitar, but ANYTHING else would be great.


I am an avid Martin man and do not own any Gibson's, I have found that Gibson functions very differently from Martin (i.e. I can call Martin and talk directly to a custom shop craftsmen, Gibson doesn't seem to allow this). Not to knock Gibson in anyway, I love their guitars, just haven't dealt with them much and do want to own this one and maybe a couple more later. the last 15 years of guitar collecting has been Martin focused and now I want to take a Gibson turn, by starting with my crown jewel, hopefully. Thanks to anyone who helps me out.

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