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Historic Les Pauls - Tone Control Wiring (50s versus Modern)


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This question is intended for Gibson support folks that might be able to either answer this directly or perhaps ask someone in the Custom Shop for an answer.


I am a long time buyer of Historic Les Pauls and I have a question regarding the wiring of the tone controls in these guitars (lets use a '59 reissue as an example).


In the late 50s, we know that Gibson wired the tone capacitors to the output of the volume pot (center lug) as opposed to the modern method Gibson currently uses which is to connect the tone caps to the lug where the pickup lead is also soldered.


My question is why does Gibson wire these guitars this way since they were not wired as such in the 50s?


There is a difference in how the tone controls operate between the two methods and it's certainly easy to change. I am just curious why they wouldn't use the 50s method since it seemingly doesn't involve any more effort to do so.


I'm really curious about this!


Thanks and regards,



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