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MCK Knob fell apart


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Not sure how this happened, I let a friend use my LP Robot Studio the other day, and when I picked it up again, the MCK knob had fallen apart. The silver part had pulled off the base, which was still attached to the shaft, and the top button had fallen out. Left behind was the base of the MCK knob and the circuit board holding the LEDs. Everything still works, and I think I can put it together, but I can't find and never saw the spring I assumed had to be there that pushed the button back up after pressing it.


1) Is my assumption correct, there is a spring in there? Or is it a piece of rubber, some other elastic thing?

2) If I can't find it, can I get another one? Retrofit some other spring I have laying around? What does that spring look like?

3) Where does the spring go? I would guess that it fits between the board holding the little microswitch button and the "landing pad" for the microswitch button?


Any suggestions out there?

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the MCK consist of:

- the Knob Housing which holds the complete parts inside

- the display lens with the symbols

- the Spacer Mask which spreads the light emmited by the LEDs and to ensure the correct distance of the PCB LEds to the lens.

- the PCB with all LEds and CPU

- the Knob Holder (base) including the hex screw to hold the complete MCK on the pot shaft

All these parts are clipped together and wont fall apart otherwise than with violence.

Seems you need a spare MCK.



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Any suggestions out there?
There really isn't much you can do to fix it yourself. Your best bet is to call/email Gibson CS, and see what they tell you.


But just to give you a heads up? If the problem is bad enough (i.e. the whole pot/knob needs to be replaced) your going to have to send it to Gibson (if it's covered under their warranty), then they're going to have to send it back to wherever the electronics are made (China I think), because they don't repair Robots (or any of it's newer counterparts) inhouse.


Good luck.

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