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Angus Young Pickup in SG - HELP!


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Hi guys, i recently purchased a new angus young humbucker from an authorized dealer and i believe it has a problem, but i need verification.


I also got a 57 for the neck of my sg and upon wiring everything i noticed that the sound of the angus pickup was a lot brighter and lower output although i had it higher than the 57 (very close to the strings). So i measured the DC resistance between red and black/bare and measured something like 4.8k. I quickly desoldered everything and this is what i noticed:

DCR between black and green around 4.8k

DCR between red and white around 4.8k


I soldered the green and white back together and measured this:

DCR between red and black around 9.6k

I thought it was ok, so i soldered together the black and bare wires again.


This is where the problem occurred again. I measured the DCR between red and black/bare and it was 4.8k again! I desoldered everything again and noticed that the green wire and the bare wire make the beep sound in the 'arc' test. Now, this can't be right, can it?

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