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Changing only one string


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Hi there,


can you help me please, I want to change only one string at the Gibson Robot Les Paul, I dont find the info in the manuel (or I am blind) - could you please help me, which steps do I have to take to change only one string, not all of them (important info for me for concerts etc)...


Thank you really very much for your help,


Greets from Tyrol,



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Two possibilities for single string down:



- Activate Standard Tuning and fret the string that you want to change on the 4th fret and strum that string ( make sure not to fret or even strum any other string).

The respective RoboHead will start unwinding that string.

- Now fret the same string on the 9th fret and strum again, wait until the RoboHead stops unwinding.

- If needed repeat on the 17th fret . The string should be loose now, you may remove and restring.



Use a pliers and cut off the string.




You play. We tune.

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