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Dark Fire stopped working - 48 hrs old arrgh


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Hi all,


For 2 days, the guitar has been majic, I love it.


Playing with my band in rehersal last night, I went to change the Chamellion tone, then something went wrong!


Some lights came on that were unsual, on the MCK, then I went to just go back to Les Paul setting, went to double check I was in tune and it stopped tuning, went to go to Open G, nothing, Back to normal , nothing.


A Yellow symbol appeared in the middle of the MCK, a quick look at the manual said, there was something obstructing the strings, preventing the tuners to work, but there was nothing obstructing the strings.



After the rehersal I raced home and looked up on this forum for some solution, and fundermentally, taking the battery out for 15 seconds, and replacing to seemed to work. I also put it on the charge over night.


Another recheck this morning revealed it is working just fine again.


Questions : Potential causes?? Any help?


It might have been me touching the strings during the tuning, hence causing a short, or touching the bridge causing the Dark fire to think there was an obstruction on one of the strings,with this in mind, I will be carefull not to touch them,



Question ; I:-k s this common? I hoped to get this guitar so I didn't need to cart around 3 plus guitars to each gig, but now I am thinking of taking it back.

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Recently I see several things:

-I have this symbol is appeared "| ll |" in yellow on the MCK guitar did not tunning. After some checking the battery had enough charge to do the job. After charging all work again.


-If during the tuning you touch the strings and then stops the sound that allows a guitar check the point, the mechanics may be blocked.

I had the problem twice with my sixth string.

If you're lucky you scrape the strings and the tuning again.


I am not lucky man that my mechanical blocked twice.

When I start a new tuning, the engine running in a vacuum and makes a strange noise.

When I try to move the mechanical with my hand it is very hard, I would not insist for broken nothing.

The it becomes scary because you wonder if the guitar will work again![-(

To solve the blackout to me, I request a new tuning, and while the motor turns in the void I activate the mechanical with hand. It hangs the engine and fits properly.


After that I have had no problem with the tuning.

But I am now careful to not disturb the guitar for the tuning and I verified FREQUENTLY the level batterry.

Because if you play too long with your DF, or so if you tune it often and frequently and uses a mixture of pickup-Specific "piezo + pickup on phase" + the chameleon tone in rock for example, I see the battery decreases quickly.

In drawing up the potential of the guitar autonomy does not exceed 4 or 5 hours. (as described above)


If you have a long rehearsal with your band "full afternoon" or a major concert, it is wise to bring another Gibson with you.

-1 Load the DF, and tune it under the first songs played before leaving.

-2 Predict another Gibson, a case of low battery or blocking DF.


But if you use more different tuning on the same set that may pose a future problem.

In repetition nothing serious. But in concert disaster, if the DF has a problem and that you should tune your other guitar in hand... Unable between songs there should be a plan B.

The public can not wait for your troubles.


I hoped to get this guitar so I didn't need to cart around 3 plus guitars to each gig, but now I am thinking of taking it back.

I also think the same in the first time. Since I have a hardcase has taken over![biggrin]

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- Yellow dot matrix on the MCK = immediate charge required

- NEVER touch the pegs during robotic tuning

- NEVER fret a string during robotic tuning (unless you knoww what you are doing)

- Make sure to have the guitar completely charged prior to a gig or rehersal session



You play. We tune.

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I do not understand why?

Once the function property acquired, if you paid attention to what we have said earlier, the guitar works very well.

I've already served a live several times and all is well, an odd effect to the public forefront when he sees the guitar tunning alone.

No worries with my chameleon tone quine never been a problem.

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With the guitar fully charge (battery) I still had it Freeze on me.... when I was changing strings, and no battery changin or charging could remidy the situation.


I had to play a gig that night, and I need a working guitar, it had to go. I took it back and got a beautiful 335, in its place,


I am very happy with the new guitar, Maybe the Dusk Tiger is better

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