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Okay, so to start off, I'm not entirely new at playing guitar, I've been teaching myself for about a year and a half now, but I just started getting really serious about it and figured out there is a lot I don't know about them that I need to learn. The problem I'm having is that I don't know too much about my pick ups. I have a Lyon by Washburn Beginner guitar, basically a Fender Stratocaster copy with three pickups. I was wondering if any of you experts, or anyone at all, on this forum could explain to me how I know if my pickups are set correctly, because I've felt for the longest time like they aren't and I'd really love to get this fixed.


Also, a side not, what brand of strings do you suggest is best for a beginner like me? I've been using the same set of Elixirs for about half a year now, but they have unfortunately been warped since I hadn't touched my instrument in a few months, and I was wondering if strings made much of a difference in the beginning stages of learning and how the string type will effect the guitar.


All help is much appreciated.

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And they are the same set of strings??! Dude' date=' you need to change them. Enrie Ball make good, moderately priced strings. [/quote']


Though personal i dont like Enrie Ball stings but you might.

Also can you post a pic of the guitar....cause if your is the same as the one i own (yes i own a lyon washburns strat) i might be able to help you more dude.

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