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Case wanted for '48 SJ

mark agave

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hello everybody.


i've got a beautiful old 1948 southern jumbo in a crappy modern hard case that's falling to bits.

can anyone tell me, or better yet, send me a picture of what case it should have please?

best of all, if any of you have a case that you'd like to sell me...





bristol, uk

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Elderly Instruments, Mandolin Brothers or Folkways Music.


If a period case that fits it is available, you can rest assured one of these dealers has it.


You can try Lark Street Music as well.


The chipboard case is likely original for the instrument. I don't think you would want one of those. What I would recommend to you is having a custom case made through Ocean Case or another similar facility as this would ensure the longevity of the guitar. Period cases are terrific if you can find them, but after you pay $800+ for one it seems a shame to use it regularly and wear it down to a low value.


I have a 1929 Martin 0-18K with its original hard shell case. I never use the case for anything other than taking photos.

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