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  1. There is no doubt in my mind that what you get from the Custom shop is head and shoulder better than the production guitars they replicate from 50+ Years ago in terms of playability. Now of course there will be exceptions, but I stand by that as a general statement.
  2. It just seems to me the trend is that there is a lesser amount of Historic models, but higher prices.
  3. There's just something so awesome about a rich looking plain top like that! Gorgeous!
  4. Man this thread is giving me ES GAS! I wonder if the OP ever bought his ES-335?
  5. HNGD! great top! Much nicer than some R9's I have seen locally that had tops you'd expect to see on R8 or R0. Your R9 top is spectacular! Enjoy!
  6. Thanks Stevil! Here's a few more pics of it...
  7. Agreed. Here's a pic of the actual guitar:
  8. Thanks Jon! You guys did a great job on these!
  9. My local dealer had this in stock in the box and when chatting about SG's after buying my Historic SG Special P90 VOS, the sales guy I typically buy from mentioned this one they had and for one reason or another didn't have it out on the floor. So when they brought the box out from the back and gave it a quick look over. It was perfectly set-up out of the box., so I purchased it on the spot. It was the only one they ever got apparently.
  10. Thanks VooDoo, yes one of my favorite guitars I've ever owned and played.
  11. Thanks guys for the comments.. I'm just getting to them now. I thought I'd also share a Factory Gibson poster my local dealer had that they graciously gave me since I bought the the only Tweedy they received from them. I framed it and it's now presently the wall in my music room. Here's a pic of it:
  12. LPDEN


    HNGD! An SG in any configuration and finish gets my pulse rate up! Enjoy!
  13. Nice acquisition! Looks great and I am sure will be even better sounding with your planned upgrades. HNR9GD!
  14. I am currently shopping a new Gibson acoustic too. I had it down to a J45 and a AJ which were both different. Then I closed my eyes and opened up my ears and put a few more models and makes in front of me to try. As mentioned elsewhere , a J35 that I sampled among the group bowled me over with it's tone and feel. I'm really having a hard time justifying anything else over the J35 at this point. I'd suggest giving one a look before you make your final choice.
  15. What a great thread! I (probably foolishly) passed up a Trojan a few years back at a guitar show in PA mostly because as it was on the heels of my SJ-200 purchase. It too was in very nice condition in what the seller was the original case. What made me think of it recently as I was shopping for a new J-45 and the J-35 came onto radar that a local shop has. And then to see this thread really ties it in! The info here about the Trojan is very interesting indeed, especially the ledgers. Thanks for sharing the knowledge and images Willi.
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