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  1. There is no doubt in my mind that what you get from the Custom shop is head and shoulder better than the production guitars they replicate from 50+ Years ago in terms of playability. Now of course there will be exceptions, but I stand by that as a general statement.
  2. Anne, excellent song and presentation! I can certainly see why the bar crowd sat forward and listened up. Well done!
  3. Interesting and enjoyable thread! I owned a Non-Reverse 3 P-90 reissue a few years back. It was fine, but my personal preference is for the reverse style I suppose out of traditional looks and feel mostly. As I mentioned in another thread, I am back owning a new Firebird, the newly released Elliot Easton Tiki Firebird, or as I am referring to it the Tiki Bird. It's probably the nicest and most versatile Firebird I ever played. One thing is for sure it overs so much ground, I am getting rid of a few other, namely saying goodbye to my Strats.
  4. Ron & GG, both two great axes there! I cleared out alot of guitars over the lasst year and my focus has been on Firebirds, V's and Explorers.... Can't get enough of playing time on anyone I come across it seems, they're all so great!
  5. Bad to the Bone - George Thorogood
  6. All beautiful, but I think I fell in love with those Iced Tea Bursts!
  7. Thanks JRM! I love the tone of the Royal Tan. Epi did a great job with it!

  8. The last time I saw one of these in person was at the 2004 Asbury Park, NJ "Guitar-beque" which was the year that Jorma Kaukonen played the hall in which the HR was demo'ed and put on display and for sale. A fine sounding guitar as I recall.
  9. If J has been confirmed as Jakarta as it seems it would, is there a list of what models/years have been made there?
  10. Nice, Okie! Bet she sounds as great as she looks!
  11. I can use a travel and sofa guitar and the L-00 may be a good choice...
  12. Glad I took another glance at this thread. It reminded me that I need to back to my dealer and get the box candy for my ALLEYKAT HS that they forget to put back in... I could use another stcket and poster anyhow... ;-)
  13. OT: If you have a printer that has Bluetooth (most new ones do), you can upload your pics from your cell phone through your printer to your laptop. You just have to pair your phone to your printer.
  14. Larry nailed it. I would add that if it's a sentimental piece, then a repair could be worth the expense...
  15. "Communication Breakdown" - Led Zeppelin (See it all goes back to Led Zep)...
  16. "Breakdown" - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers...
  17. So many cool looking faded tops! Good show fellas!
  18. One of my local dealers has 2 '76 customs and a '75 custom. All are priced at $2500 to 2700. Keep in minf this is a dealer's retial price and I am betting that probably have a trade credit around $1800 to $2000.
  19. Some of those also may have been modded after production too...
  20. That's interesting. I too believe I've seen Single hum SG. But I'll have to look it up in my books tomorrow.
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