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1976 Les Paul Custom Natural


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What are the general opinions of the '76 Les Paul Custom models? Mine is in Natural finish and all original with a condition of 8+ on a scale of 10 noting just some back wear, but not bad looking becuase of the natural finish.


I am thinking of selling this to get into a '68 LPC, but I have become attached to the '76 becuase the neck is awesme, and the sound is great.


I know the '68 is more appealing in terms of collectability, but i like the '76 I have now. So that leaves me with 2 questions...


1. I am crazy to think of selling my '76 in the first place?


2. If I were to keep it, what are your opinions on the '76 in terms of appeal and collectability now and in the future?

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I personally wouldn't sell it. I have a '76 LP Custom. I just had it appraised by George Gruhn. The current market value is $2,750. I think that your guitar will just go up in value. However if you need to sell it to buy '68 LPC then that is your decision. As far as a '76 appeal and collectability, you will hear many opinions on that. Some good and some bad. Some will say that because it was made during the Norlin years that it is not worth keeping. I disagree. If the value of mine is $2,750 and it is in almost perfect condition (small button scratches and tarnished gold) then yours will only go up in value.


Concerning the '68, make sure it sounds and plays the way you want it to. I would also make sure it has all its original electronics and has not been modified in any way. That way the value of the guitar does not go down. If you just care how it sounds and plays and aren't worried about its value then again that is your decision. Either way good luck.

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If you are happy with your current guitar, you might later regret selling it.


I once had a block '63 335.... Nearly every vintage guitar buff said the early dot necks with PAF's were better... I changed for one and in that instance, hindsight proved it a wrong move and I have always regretted selling my '63.


IMO, if you can get the earlier one without selling, you can the A/B both and keep what you think the better guitar. The earlier one is considered more 'collectible', but whether it will 'speak to you' as much, only you can judge.

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