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My Dad's Gibson J45?


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I have my Dad's Gibson that he purchased in the '50s from a group of Christian musicians named the Jessups. The guitar had a few years on it when he bought it so I think that it must be from the early to mid '40s.


I believe the guitar to be a J45, but not sure. I have looked for the FON inside the guitar. The FON is barely visible and it is written in all red grease pencil, but I can't make out the numbers. It has X bracing on the top.


I will post some pictures this evening sometime, and re-post their location.


I am interested in its value even though I really have no interest in selling it. My Dad passed in 1991, and I have had it since about 1988-89. The bridge was broken in the center of the pegs from the time he purchased it. It had some kind of chrome thing screwed to the end of the body to hold the strings. I had my nephew who used to work for Stuart Mossman in Winfield, Kansas to replace the bridge so it would at least sound right. The guitar sounds really great now (even in my hands), and would sound fantastic in a more practiced guitarist's hands.


The issue with the guitar is the first 3-4 frets are so worn that you have to press the strings pretty hard to get the correct sound out. Using a capo it plays easily, and sounds very good.



I am now in the Dallas area, and wondered:


Should I have the frets replaced?

Who should I talk to about replacement?

Who really cares about this type Gibson in the area?


Thanks already guys/gals I was motivated to finally do something by whorella's post about her Mom's guitar.



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I tried some quick photos. I will try some more when I have some better light. I hope the pictures work this is the first time I have tried this.



Dad's Gibson



:- I lied about the FON begin written all in grease pencil. There is a stamp on the inside, but I can't tell what it says. It may be 637, 687, or 667 I am not sure. I will try to get a better view later.



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Hello, You have a Banner Head Stock J-45. These guitars were built during the war. A book is being written about these guitars from this era. One of the authors, John Thomas, may be along here soon. Here is a link to the Banner registry with pics and information.http://bannergibsons.com/


John and the registry can help you determine the year of the guitar. Most of these J45 were spruce topped with mahogany back and sides. Some had adirondak some had sitka tops, some were made with mahogany tops, some with maple back and sides.


I do not know the repair people in you area, but I am confident some one can come up with a trusted name.



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What a lovely Banner J-45! It's got a great, faded look.


Thanks, Terry for plugging my Banner project. As you'll see, Bullitt, we've got a registry to help with sorting out the instruments. We've organized the guitars in chronological order and you'll notice that the FONs are not in numerical order. Only at Gibson!


We'd love to list your J-45 on our registry. Any chance fo taking another shot at reading that FON?


Thanks, again, for sharing your guitar with us.

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