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Epiphone EB3 SG - long scale


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I couldn't resist, when I bought mine last year. I'd been eyeballing one, for quite some time, also kinda looking at the short scale Elitist series one. When the price of the long scale Epiphone EB3 got to $300.00, I figured it was time to buy one. Although I now joke about "pretending to be Jack Bruce, when I play Sunshine Of Your Love," I'd fallen in love with the EB3 tone pallet long before I even knew anything about the Jack Bruce connection. About 15 years ago, I'd nearly scored a used Gibson EB3, via 90-day lay-away at a local music store. I forget what the circumstances were, but something had come up that left me no choice but to give up the lay-away.


"Unfortunately," I ended up learning "Sunshine..." on my Squier Affinity P-bass, and eventually learned "Tales Of Brave Ulysses," when I figured out the bass lines are similar enough. I also own a Johnson JG-622-E acoustic/electric bass, a Fender Standard Precision Bass and a Fender Bass VI, so I'm pretty well set in the layin' down the groove department. As a guitarist, I love to play rockabilly and surf, and have created some originals in a style I call surfabilly - instrumental rockabilly with reverb attached is how I describe it. I've also got some creations in the works with my C - C tuned Fender So Cal Speed Shop Strat, with the Bass VI for some low down rhythm, so it'd be fairly obvious to use my Epi EB3 for those.



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I think I'm ready for the longer scale, and I too jones for an Epi EB-3. A few years back, I bought an Epi EB-0, the shorty version. Being a guitar player, I figured the EB-0 would better suit me, but now I think I can handle the EB-3.


My choice of the SG-shaped EB series is from the major Free period I started going through in 2003 (I'm sort of still in it!). I wanted a bass like Andy Fraser's.


I swapped the original pickup for a Dimarzio Model One, and it's cleaner and punchier than the Sidewinder, I think. Usually I play with a heavy pick, but sometimes I finger-style it too. I added a Fender thumb rest to to top, so I can lean on it when I want to play by the bridge, and I lean on the pickup to play by the neck. Cool bass, but limited.



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