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Just bought my second Gibson...a 1987 Flying V w/some graphics on her...can anyone tell me if these are factory graphics? Got a great deal on her...$349.99. =D>


I bought it to "flip" it and had it listed on evilBay but after playing it a couple of nights in a row...I've decided to keep her!




The process is:


upload pics

select IMG option (last one in the row of four) it will be copied to your clipboard

open up a reply on the forum you want to respond to

paste (the IMG brackets will automatically properly be inserted)

select post

and your in business













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It's a regular 83-88 pickguardless model V, likely made of Alder wood, mahogany neck with rosewood board. These years were not real good to the Flying V, are not rare, regardless of what you hear, and generally poor construction. I won't say they were all junk, I'm sure there are some good ones out there. To the Gibson Flying V purist and collector, these are the ones to stay away from. The Designer series with all the graphics were mostly in 85.

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So...it probably wouldn't be a great sacrilege to pop a Bullseye finish on her, drop in some EMGs & an Original Floyd on this one...a good project guitar.


Definitely an ebony fretboard. Hard to gauge the body...lighter than my '82 LP but as heavy/heavier than the new Gibson LP "Faded" LPs...they're light in my opinion.

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Dude real nice usa gunslinger and that Jaskson is kool. That gibby you got that has the alder body, nobody like-em that were into gibson's that Is, they were thin sound-in fender tele style sound and lacked the mahogany/maple cap or just solid mahogany punch that those woods provide. Alder just give you a different tone.

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Thanks for the info on the V. Appreciate the kudos on the Gunslinger & SRV Tribute as well.


I've spent some time setting up the V, changing the strings, adjusting the pickup height, adjusting the intonation, etc. and she certainly plays nice and has a nice sound. I actually like the "Dirty Fingers" Pickups as I play them more and get use to their nuances. Def. a different animal from my '82 LP in a number of ways.

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