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ACOUSTIC AMPLIFIER recommendations


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I have tried many but the two I ultimately love for different reasons are these:


For a portable, true tone, two channel (Guitar & Microphone) go with the UltraSound AG50. Mine is a AG50 DS3 but I am pretty sure they have the DS4 out now. The DS3 can be had for around 350-450. It is 50 watts, two speaker, stereo with onboard effects if you like that.


For a true larger amp, the Genz Benz Shenandoah is the best and most true reproduction I have ever had. I have three acoustic guitars with 3 different pickup types and all work flawlessly through either of these amps. The Genz Benz is the better of the two but at 75 lbs, the UltraSound at 27 lbs get's to travel the most!

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