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  1. Funny.... Gibson is usually a 1.725" nut width which is slightly larger than the typical Martin at 1 11/16" and the typical Taylor at 1.75". I found the neck and nut width on my Advanced Jumbo to be very close feeling to my Taylor although I like the Taylor neck better because it has a satin finish and doesn't need to be "De-glossed" with 0000 Steel Wool like my Advanced Jumbo does every summer when it gets hot and sticky. PS..... I am a Taylor fan as well as a Gibson fan.... you can be both!
  2. I tend to agree somewhat with Bob on this, B U T >>>>>>>>> (At least they have an advertised way of showing us when their "Trailer" may be in the area... hint hint hint Gibson.....)
  3. This one... http://forums.gibson.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=36972 And it even has a happy ending!
  4. I am totally in agreement with ZW!!! Find one, they are sweet! 1 3/4" nut, Brazillian RW board, solid spruce top and one large solid piece of mahogany back. For what you will pay..... soooo worth it!
  5. I am sure that is what happend, but if I were to throw a new saddle in there (I have a couple that could be sanded to fit) it would significantly raise the action. Right now, there is no buzz, playable action at the 12th fret and I also think the existing saddle is glued into the bridge because I tried to pull it out and it wouldn't budge. The plan I have come up with is to keep it playing like this for awhile. Once my wife get's back to work during the school year (she is a PARA professional with special needs kids at the local Jr. High School) and we have our regular income coming in, I want to take it to my local "Vintage" repair guy and have him do a proper pinned bridge and new saddle along with the required neck reset. Even though this is a beater guitar to me, the solid wood, fine craftmanship and overall tone of this guitar makes any and all that well worth it in my opinion.
  6. I have one guitar neck that does that and it is my 2005 Built Gibson Advanced Jumbo acoustic. I have always taken care of it with 0000 steel wool. Yes it does gloss back up over a short time, but I only seem to have to do it in the summer months, so I live with running my steel wool up and down the neck a couple times a summer and all is good. I personally would not sand down the finish to bare wood....but that is just me.
  7. Sorry I know nothing about your "Blue Eyes" but I love the color! What a great looking Gibson. You should email Gibson Customer service to see if they can help you.
  8. Everything but the stock pickups has been changed on my 1996 Epi Casino to Gibson ES335 Specs. Vintage wiring, better pots and switches and I am sorry, but it was more than worth it to me. All of a sudden, I have tone control, volume that works and has range and the pickups just seem to have more ooompf... if you know what I mean. It was well worth the cost (which was not that much from a local guitar repair guru)
  9. Typically all that would be needed is a wipe down with a soft dry cloth.... it that isn't enough, get it a bit damp (not wet) and wipe the affected area followed by a dry cotton cloth. I tend to like using cloth Baby Diapers as they are cheap, wash up even softer and "Baby" my guitars with them. I keep one in each case for a quick wipe down after playing. Once a year or so I will use "Boiled Linseed Oil" on my rosewood fretboards to keep them looking great.... Ebony fretboards don't seem to need it nearly as often. Wiping down the strings both top and bottom is actually the best thing you can do as it will seriously lenghten the life of them. Don't need to baby a guitar, but a bit of preventitive maintenance goes a long way to keeping them looking and playing good for years.
  10. Personally, for any beater guitar, I would always buy used. That way if you are not 100% happy with it after a good long tryout (or short one as I have done on a couple occasions... ) you can either sell it on Craigslist or trade it for something different and you don't immediately lose 1/2 or more off the cost new..... There are ton's of cheaper guitars on Craigslist and with a bit of research, you may find a real keeper for cheap.
  11. Just a bump to let everyone know that the repair has held completely overnight and the guitar was still in perfect tuning this morning with no adjustments needed! Woo Hoo!!!!!
  12. Any thoughts on if I should use lighter gauge strings than my normal 12-53 Elixirs when I go to restring tomorrow? Should I maybe tune D to D instead of E to E like I have done with my Framus 12 string?
  13. Couple of shots of the "After" project..... Wish I could have found some flat decorative end pieces, but overall, not too bad looking.
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