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The Front Page

Buc McMaster

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Among the older stuff I've written, this one is perhaps more true today than it was in 1984.




Front Page / copyright 1984 MBBowen


It's on the front page of every newspaper in town

They got the details from a secret source they found

Yes it's all there and the word is gettin' round

On you.......

They took your picture and they put it on page one

They're asking questions and they've got you on the run

They're like a wolfpack and brother you're the one

They want..........


Everyday the front page is the same

They always seem to know who to blame

An anonymous tip will put them on your trail

Sooner or later the media will prevail


There was a scandal and the lawyers took their time

Outside the courtroom the reporters stood in line

To get the story, please tell it one more time

For me........

And now it's over and you've straightened out your life

You read the front page and it cuts you like a knife

Because the same thing just happened to your wife

Oh yeah.........

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