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LP CS 60's VOS


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Got a GC LP CS 60's VOS. Ser No. is G08119. I don't know the date of the guitar... could be an 07. Fret board is very unusual, could it be Brazilian based on the serial? Don't have pics...yet.


Thanks, Whj.

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Thanks for the info R9. Cool pic of your gear. Is the SG bowing down to all those LP's?:)


Last thoughs... In 2003, did the R buyers know they were getting braz? Of course not. Didn't the R 03's find out later on what they did or did not have? I believe so.


The $64 question is: In 0X, couldn't this happen again? Who can tell?


Got some pics and discussion of a Fender CS 60's TM in the CS forum (see url) Subj, Brazilian Board. http://www.fender.com/community/forums/viewtopic.php?t=39886




v/r, whj

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No, the couch wasn't big enough to stand them all up. [cool]


They were advertised as having Brazilian rosewood, yes. I've seen ads that showed it. Now, whether or not every single person who bought one knew is beyond me. I'm sure most did, though, as it was a selling feature. It wasn't just the '03s that had Brazilian. This is the list of what's know and it's straight from Gibson. http://forums.gibson.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=282


$64 question: no, it can't. Gibson, the company, stated they would not use Brazilian again. People always claim that limited numbers sneak out from time to time or that Gibson has been using it secretly but it's all BS because those people can't prove it. It's like they're the conspiracy theorists of the Gibson world. The simple fact is - your guitar only has Brazilian rosewood if Gibson says it does. Give them a call or send them an email - you'll probably get the exact same answer I gave you.


Nobody can look at a picture of a fretboard and say with any certainty that it's Brazilian rosewood. The picture below is all Brazilian rosewood. Can you honestly say Brazilian rosewood looks like something in particular after seeing this pic?



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