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My L5 CES Order

Old Jazzer

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I placed an order for L5 CES Sunburst at the end of March. I've heard a lot of disturbing rumers. I would just like to get the facts considering my order.


Is there delays due to wood availability?

Is there backlogs on L5 production?

Any idea when when it will be available to me?


I have health issues and time is a bit critical to me. Thanks



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I expect that it may take up to 6 -8 months for you to receive your L5 CES. This is sort of normal for these up market special guitars. It will however be worth waiting for and I expect it to be absolutely beautiful. The one off Custom shop orders are very special. Good luck with your health and your L5!

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Wow, congratulations, the L5 is one of my dream guitars. I hope you get her safe and sound and please post some pictures!


I received my new guitar on the 31st of July. What a great quality instrument. Just a few adjustments. The action was set a bit low and the bridge had to be adjusted to prevent the high "E" string from slipping off the frets. I couldn't be happier.


Here's a photo. I'll send more if you would like.





Now for the disappointment. I sent the following email to Gibson customer service on August 11th:


"I purchased a new Gibson L5 CES Vintage Sunburst from the Guitar Center on July 29. It took four months for their warehouse to receive my purchase from you. This was expected. Quality isn't built in a day.


Anyway. I appreciated them sending it next day air. When I opened their box, your box was inside. Two security labels were attached at each end. One label was breached and retaped. I called as instructed on your label. I got a voice message, from an individual I don't remember, stating he was out and to leave a message. I told him about the breached seal, gave him my name and repeated my phone number twice. I have yet to receive a return call.


After inspection of the instrument no tampering was found.


I called Guitar Center to find the reason the box had been opened. The service representative could give me no information. Their distribution center is unlisted.


My questions for you are: (1) - Is there something missing from the case storage compartment (e.g. cleaning cloth, cord. owners manual)? The knob for the selector switch, warranty registration and Certificate of Authenticity were the only items enclosed. (2) - Why didn't I receive a call from your security Department? Was the representative on vacation? Did he forget? Or, just not care? None of these are an excuse for good customer service or follow up.


Awaiting your reply.


BTW: I was unable to register my guitar on your web site. Tried twice. Received a HTTP 504 error."


I have yet to receive a reply from their security department or customer service.


Is this the way they normally do business? Never owned a Gibson before.

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