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Dusk Tiger piezo


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I recently bought the Dusk Tiger and so far I am very satisfied with the guitar, although the looks of it... On the otherhand I have played on a white Variax for for a couple of years and didn´t felt too embarrassed :-)


Is anyone familiar with the settings, how to get the piezosound separated from the magnetic sound? It would be great if someone could share this experience since I don´t understand the manual.

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what is your setup? Are you using the RIP or the splitter box?

There are multiple possibilities to do that.

- connect your splitter box via TRS cable, now you have on the output side mags and piezo separated.

- blend the piezo full in (toggle knob all the way up) and all mag volumes down to get pure piezo

With the RIP you will have much more options, read the manual.


Also, there is a very good knowledge base on this forum:




You play. We tune.

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Thanks Tronical

I will check futureguitar.com.


What is a splitterbox?

The RIP would be great if I could manage without since I then need to connect the computer. I was hoping that I could with one stereocable connect two amps, one for the mag and for the piezo and play both.

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