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Is there a 1935 Gibson ES-150 Charlie Christian?


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I'm about to buy a Gibson Es-150 Charlie Christian.

I alreday saw it, and I will take some pics today, so wait for pics.

It has a regular condition (I'd say good to be a 1935).

Seller claims it's one of the 200 ES-150 Charlie Christian that were produced on the first run.

ES-150 was officialy released on 1936, if I'm not wrong.

The guitar's missing the original tuners (has some other ES-150's tuners that didn't fit well) and pickguard. Has some dings and one of the back's support wood is unglued, making the back to "sink" inside. A well skilled repair tech might do it fine.

Serial number is: DG-2045, original hand-winded blade Charlie Christian pickup, seem to be original pots, wiring, and bridge.


I'll try to get pics for you as soon as I can.

Please help me, is there really a 1935 production? Are they rare? How much do you think it's worth?

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Is it rare? No, it was a standard production model.


It's value is determined by the "market". Due to the fact that it not "original" (tuners), and needs structural repair, this guitar is worth about 50% of the "market rate".

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