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Project: giving a beat up bass a second chance (Pic heavy)


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Got this bass for free from a friend, nice neck profile and the body is solid wood (which is not always the case with imports), I decided to breath new life into it. The bass has been gigged for about 10 years.


Issues: the electronics did not work, there was no capacitor :- , the sound was on "fully open" position, the volume pot fell apart as I removed the pickguard, a broken tuner, rusty frets, dry fretboard, warped pickguard. Intonation and setup were way off.


- Upgraded wiring with CTS Pots, Mojo Oil Capacitor, Switchcraft input jack, aluminum shielding tape.

- New pickguard, scuffed with 0000 steel wool to take shine away and match the level of distress of the body.

- New tuner, replaced only the broken peg part so the tuners are the same.

- New knobs.

- New strap knobs.

- Polished frets.

- Oiled fretboard.

- Setup and intonation.


$50 total investment.



























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I like these kind of projects.


I once put a Mighty-Mite maple J neck on a Squier II P-bass body - then threw in a pair of re-issue '62 pickups. It turned out so sweet that my buddy just had to have it... I had $200 in it, sold it for $600.


I used the broke-truss-rod Squier II neck as a wall hanger. Put hooks in it, and use it to hang cables. It's not steampunk, but whatever.


I kind wish I kept it, but, you know.


I still have a bunch of leftover P-bass parts - but I couldn't say what they're from any more. If you need parts, shoot me a PM and I'll send you what I have.

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Some buddy you are :- . Did you add a burg?



Absolutely. The burg made it that much more attractive!


But really, I didn't want to sell it - but he just kept upping the ante. When he insisted that he was serious, and didn't care about the difference between my cost and what he was willing to give, I caved.


It was a great player, and he obviously wanted it more than I did.


He's been after me to sell him my old Acoustic bass amp, too. I paid $85 for an old Acoustic combo (118? I don't remember). But I'm keeping that. Unless he gets all stupid again.


What would you have done?

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I still have a bunch of leftover P-bass parts - but I couldn't say what they're from any more. If you need parts' date=' shoot me a PM and I'll send you what I have.[/quote']


You know, I almost posted asking for parts as I know we all have something laying around that we'll never use.


At this point this project is complete but I appreciate it. Although I really do not know if the pickup is any good, it works.


The only thing that I would like to replace is the nut, I'll do that next time I do maintenance on it.


This bass should be good enough to record clips with.


Zenken the bass is still pretty beat up, the pics just don't show it. Like I said, I did lightly distress the new pickguard so it would match the level of wear of the body. Using 0000 steel wool takes the shine away without scratching.

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Thanks, and you know the only reason I bought a new pickguard is that my Stratocaster is black and white and I did not want another axe with the same color scheme.


I am going to place the old white pickguard of this bass in a place where it can get flattened again.

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My Strat has a maple neck, I do prefer them too.


In the case of this bass, the neck profile is what I like the best, round C on the first frets and shallow C on the rest of the neck. So this neck is staying.

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Explanation not required. I was just kidding. Thought the burg comment would give it away. [biggrin]


After playing my bass and inspecting it closely I have determined that it does not have a burg in it. Does that affect the tone on basses?


EDIT: on a more serious note, I used 2 audio 250k pots on this bas after doing research, it looks like that is what is used on Fenders. The tone knob works real well but the volume has a quick taper between 10 and 7. For you guys that are familiar with basses, is that normal? I don't mind just curious.

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