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Epi Prophecy LP


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So far as I know, Gibson hasn't shipped out any of the Prophecy line yet (release date was 01-25-08...a little late if ya ask me). I'm also under the impression from reading other forums that Gibson is very notorious for slacking on shipments and not sending guitar on the release dates. I preordered my SG Prophecy so I could get it immediately, and musiciansfriend.com hasn't even received their first shipment of them out (musiciansfriend.com being one of gibsons largest authorized dealers), nor have they been notified as to when they'll get them. Not to mention gibson won't even respond to my emails asking about this situation. Seems to me that Gibson has gotten too stuck up to consider anyone a "valued customer" anymore. I mean why would they...they are Gibson after all ::sarcasm::[-o<

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