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  1. Thanks " Show ". It's nice to know what I did was appreciated. I still check in on you guys here and there. I hang out mostly on the " My Les Paul " forum now. Check it sometime. Would love to see you around there.

  2. Man; that was a pretty good score. Hope she sounds as good as she looks.
  3. Wow; I've never been interested in the Junior or white guitars for that matter but that little white Junior is a nice looking guitar. For the price it would be a nice little guitar for modding.
  4. There is a local shop here that carries the St. Blues line. I've never took one down to play it but they are very nice looking guitars.
  5. This is some great info Stephen. Thanks for all the work that must have went into compiling it. I'm sure that Duane is doing what he can to make sure this info is not lost in the archives and hopefully he will have a solution soon.
  6. What I would rather see is Epi post a section on the home page for this information. It shoudn't be very hard to do. Maybe " Shadow " could look into this for us ?
  7. I too purchased a Sheraton USA a couple years agon when they were being discontinued. The guitar was built in Japan and assembled in the U.S.
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