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I been playing my es-295 for a while now. I wish the pu´s would have more bite. I think I´ll try to upgrade with some better(hot) pu´s. Does anyone know who makes the p-90 that´s in my es-295 now? and also who do you think that makes the best sounding p-90?


Kindly Ian

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epis p90s are made by whoever makes epi pups.

I have two epis. .sheraton and lp studio.. and they both have Kent Armstrong P90s in them..


these come as p90 dogear, regular, or humbuck size..

you can get a 7.7K ohms output or 9K ohms output..


the lower output will still be hotter than yours.. but more vintage tone..

the higher output will stand right up to humbucks and blow single coils away..



I'm really happy with the neck position.. no humbuck flab.. no mushy mids. no anemic highs..

everything is there..

and the bridge position is a must for me.. plenty of power full range tone..

I'm definately biased..


the best sounding p90.. well I know you mean, who has the reputation, or which is the most famously used.. something like that.

All I can say is I have dimarzio, I've heard epis, and I bought the Kent Armstrongs.

Yes, I sell them, but I can have anything I want.


If you want to pay a lot more.. I'm not going to tell you a Lindy Fralin might not be better.. *hey..I sell those too!*

but again, I put these in both my epis.

I'm happy.

I recommend them on that basis first.


and the price is right.. check them out on the web, or email me.. I don't care. this isn't a sales pitch, I just don't want to misrepresent myself about being a dealer.

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I bought the stupid deal last night.. *vj combo and lp100* and I think I'll slap some KA humbucks in there..

since I got the LP100 so cheap on that deal, a killer set of pups wont drive the price up.. even to the

usual selling price..

that way maybe I can get someone to listen to how good these things are without sounding like a used car salesman.

I want to try a humbuck at the bridge and p90 at the neck...

four cond. wiring at the bridge for dual/single coil..


slap on a bone nut..

replace knobs with black one..

replace guard with black..

fret job..

nice set of KAs..

couple of new caps..


sell it at 250.00, less than stock normal price..

and someone will get a monster sounding playing guitar with no need to open it up ever.


unless my kids friend wants it.. I'm a sucker for beginners who need guitars.



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