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I need a control cavity plate cover for my EPI LP Custom


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This is kinda cheesy but I need a new control cavity plate cover for the back of my Epi LP Midnight Custom and I'm having a hell of a time finding one to fit. I took out the EMG's and sold the plate & battery pack with them (like an idiot). Anyway, I've ordered 3 from 3 different places and none of them are the right shape and not even close enough to modify. Is there somewhere that I can order one to fit or are they all different shapes? I called Stewmac to see if they had just the sheets so I could cut my own but they don't even sell the material. Any thoughts, help would be great appreciated.



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if you trace it out on paper.. then cut that out and check the fit.. marking the screw holes..

there's no reason I can't cut you one that fits perfect.

you have to do that though, since ther'e's no known template around.

and choose what color and ply you want..

like one ply black or tortoise or snakesking or whatever..


But I can guarantee it will fit exactly like the simple paper tracing you send to me.

And it wont be expensive.



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