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Help ID my SG please?


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im thinking about selling my SG

thing is i cant remember what model it is or what i paid for it.


the serial number is U99012705

and i typed that into a epi serial number website and all it says that its made in korea in 1999


can anyone tell me what the actual model is (eg special,custom etc) and rough worth (pref in $AUS)

its been played for maybe 5 times and is in near new condition.











thanks guys

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you, my friend, have the rare korina sg----- I used to own one until I lost it in hurricane Katrina.#-o


they appear on ebay sometimes, i loved mine. Ive been told that this run was made with left over supply of korina after the korina explorers and V's were made.Its basically a g400 korina I believe. I have since upgraded to a GIbby 61 sg ri. If you want top dollar, throw it on EBAY. I actually have the pieces of it left over from the storm. When I went back to my house after the storm, the whole guitar just fell apart where he wood was was glued----really interesting. By the way, i LOST 17 GUITARS IN THAT STORM,also a ton of pedals and 4 amps.........unreal. maybe ill post pics of the aftermath if i get around to it.

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Strangely enough, this guitar was actually listed as 'solid' Korina in the 1999 catalog. I never looked at one closely enough to ascertain if this was in fact true or merely the work of an overzealous copywriter. You can easily tell if G-400s have been veneered by checking along the edges where the body scarfs begin for changes in colour/grain pattern though (you get the same effect on EE G-400s with their African mahogany top and back veneers).


The 'leftover Korina' story sounds suspect since the Vs and Explorers are definitely not Korina.

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