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Casino Electronics Question


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Hey all,

New owner of a used Casino. 2006 natural finish made at Peerless plant in Korea. Absolutely love the guitar. Have taken off the pickguard ala John Lennon and the previous owner put the black ring on the pup switch. Love that look.


I'm playing it through a Gibson GA-5 tube amp, which has only a volume knob, no eq or master gain. I'm using the volume knobs on the guitar to control the amount of gain on the amp. The only problem I have is that the pups get a little bassy or dull sounding when I turn the volume knobs down to get a clean sound, particularly the neck pup. I like a bright guitar sound, especially when playing clean.

I've heard about adding a capacitor or something on the volume knobs to let more treble bypass. Has anyone done this? Or would I be better off replacing the pots and electronics?


Thanks in advance. This is a great guitar!



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it's the treble bleed control used on telecasters originally.


I just rewired my sheraton. which I have installed p90s in, like your casino.. and I definately wish I'd put the treble bleed caps in.


I'm using a VJ modded and attempting to do the same thing.

crank the amp and use the gtr vol to control clean to dirty..

and the problem is the vol pot acts like a treble damper, which means I have to go to the amp and crank the treble up.. defeating the whole idea.


For my money.. adding the sprague caps to the tone controls did make a difference..

and having the treble bleed would have been smarter for sure.


If I were you.. I'd keep costs down. put in new caps on the tone controls.. and put in treble bleed on the vol pots.

*just two spots to solder.. tutorial with pics online all over the place!*


this is cheap. capacitors cost very little. I think the treble bleeds are like 8 cents each!

so get, say, three values.. one over and one under the recommended values for a tele and test them for which you like the best.

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they should have them.. look at spragues. *s*

and radio shack would probably have them. they usually only have small value stuff..


and dont reject the 'little round brown' ones.. at this value, they'll do just fine, you don't really need to spend more if you don't want to.

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