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There are a whole lot of places online for what you need. I looked into guitarpartsresource, guitarfetish, guitarelectronics, stew-mac, etc when I was looking for replacement parts...There are probably lots more out there so shop around. There are also metric (Alpha) and USA (CTS) pots which are sized differently. Standard Epis use alpha sized pots. You probably would have to enlarge the pot holes on your guitar a bit if you decide to go with CTS, alpha would fit just fine.


I asked a similar question recently, there's some info on that thread as well.

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Hey Thanks...I have done a bit of wiring on my LP and strat but these pots are smaller so they can fit through the f-hole...I haven't been able to find the smaller ones.


Edit: Guitarpartsresource.com had the mini pots....thanks!!!!


Does anyone know offhand what the capacitor value is?

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Hey TN :-s ,


Most 500K pots work with .022 caps. For cheap caps I like Sprague Orange drops. But be sure to get the 715sort not the 225 sort. The 715 have a round sort of profile when viewed laterally, the 225 are flat. The 715s sound better. Or do a search for NOS vitaminq style. IMHO don't put ceramic (better than chiclet) or green chiclet caps in, they don't sound good. If you want to get really fancy try Luxe caps. http://stores.ebay.com/Luxe-Guitars . I think Donovan will tell you which would suit. All these caps are way larger than the green chiclet that comes with the epi. BTW all the guitars I use in the LP jamzone have had the caps replaced except the gibson lp special p90 that has ceramics. I might replace them with some Sprague bumblebees I have one of these days, but they sound pretty good as is.


Cheers, Don



Epi g400

Epi LP standard

Epi Lp100


+ other brandso:) [-X=P~O:)

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