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EJ300SCE - Replacement Nut?


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G'day Folks,


Had a little mishap and my acoustic took a nosedive, on a stand face first! Oops!


The only damage I can see is that the nut, which must have taken the full force of the fall, is broken.


Is it possible to buy bone, graph tech or tusq nuts shaped and slotted ready to go for these guitars?


The nearest luthier is over 200 kilometers away and with the cost of fuel such as it is I would prefer to avoid doing that 800 kilometers if I can. I see replacement nuts at places like Stewmac on the web and would rather take the opportunity to have a replacement made of better material than the plastic ones they come with originally.



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Hello Digger...


I've installed Tusq nut model number PQ-6060-00...


Tusq Nut for Epi


...on an Epi acoustic, and a couple of electrics with just minor sanding needed for a great fit. I've never tried one on an EJ300SCE, but I'd think they're all pretty standard as Epi's are mass produced. It's a starting point anyway.

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