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  1. I had AstraZenekca and it knocked me on my bum for the whole of the next day. My usual aches and pains intensified a lot that day but back to normal after that. A small price to pay!
  2. My good friend Butch has today clocked up another year. I hope you have a lovely day mate and get to enjoy many more. Happy Birthday old mate!
  3. My retirement came suddenly and unexpectedly some 22 years ago. It was through health and I wish I’d known it was coming so I could prepare. In retrospect I’d strongly encourage anyone who is considering retirement to ensure they have enough interests to keep them busy. Boredom can be a killer!
  4. I’m glad to see you back my good friend! Take it slow and only post when you feel OK to do so, don’t let it drive you. Even though we talk every day it’s still good to see you join in here on these pages.
  5. Digging out Jasmine roots (in small frequent doses) using a mattock. I carted a heavy trailer load of Jasmine foliage and lifted it up onto a burn pile, then went back with a tractor bucket and pushed it into the centre. My intention is to fill the centre of a circle of tree stumps with burnable things and light ‘er up! I hope to gradually burn a pile of tree stumps some bigger than my tractor. I'ts going to take a few goes I think. The I moved a heap of machinery out of the way and mowed in front of the house. I’m getting really toey to have my farm shed built. 2 weeks more weeks they are saying! Did some more Jasmine root digging and now in for a cuppa! I’ll do some more after lunch and a quick nap....Grin~
  6. Crikey mate I’m so sorry to hear about your family troubles! I sincerely hope they all get over this thing soon. Sorry also about your mom, that’s a hard loss, really tough for families now with the lockdown. You won’t ever forget her of course and I hope you can concentrate on the good memories from her life. My thoughts are with you and anyone else caught up in this tidal wave of misery.
  7. Not sure if we came from off-world stock or not but it’s a possibility. I do know that we are a virus more damaging to our environment than most!
  8. We’ve had the “You don’t need a mask" story too but then there weren’t any to buy which might have slanted that advice somewhat? What was available was needed by health workers and quite right they got what was available first. There’s a lesson in what needs to be stockpiled for when things like this inevitably happen again. OYOH being on an island and more easily being able to control movements seems to be showing results as Victoria only recored one new case of Coronavirus yesterday. There were many complaints about going in too hard but it seems to be working and the greater good is the higher priority. Long way to go for all of us yet of course! Just over 100 years ago the Spanish Flu took some 350 million people, possibly many more as reporting worldwide would have been very incomplete. Some suggest as much as 1/2 a billion souls were lost in that one. It’s suggested that it was 25% of the worlds population in 1918.
  9. You might be able to get a selective herbicide that will take that and leave the rest? Is that whats sometimes known as onion grass?
  10. I found that film a bit confronting to be honest. Yesterday I poisoned a heap of weeds! It’s a start but much, much more to do! After the fires there are millions of plants that are emerging that we don’t want. I probably need to live to 1000 y.o. to get ahead of all the work here!
  11. Digger


    Do I fear death? No not particularly. Do I fear the pain often associated with death...yes! My real fear of dying is what it will do to the woman I love and who loves me. I fear it will destroy her life too. Then my children and grandkids, how it will hurt them. I know how devastating it will be to lose a close friend and don’t want to bring that upon people I love! Loving another is a big risk and the deeper the love the greater the loss. Would I change a thing....certainly not!
  12. Yesterday I finally moved all my tools up to the container that was donated to me. That allowed me to empty my stuff out of Gaels studio that I’ve been using since the fire. I have numerous fuel containers still to take up there later today but hopefully my things will be safe there until I can replace the shed lost in the fires. I still need a bench to work on but we are not allowed to move. around except for essentials. Is a bench an essential...to me it is! Grin~
  13. The usual things are also missing here despite restrictions on what you can buy, but bum paper is almost impossible to get, tissues are hard though not impossible and things like pasta, rice etc are scarce. I prefer wholemeal and have got a few of those along the way. Ground beef is often sold out too. Word is that supermarkets will restrict the number allowed in the store and you won’t get in until someone comes out. I see that causing big problems and hope I’m wrong. My back won’t allow me to queue! We have “gangs” of people grabbing anything they can get, going in and out a number of times to flout the restrictions and then sending it overseas for a profit. They are partly the cause of shortages here! We’ve had that problem with baby formula here for years as it gets cleaned off the shelves and sent to China as it’s pure as compared to local product. Bread is readily available but as a precaution I’ve bought a few pkts of mix for our bread maker. Haven’t used it for years but ran a trial loaf yesterday. Remembered why we stopped making it! It’s too bloody nice and we eat too much! Looking forward to brekky this morning I must say! Lots of people are grabbing veggie seeds too, in anticipation of any deterioration of supply if this virus shuts down primary production. I’m more concerned about some of the restrictions on prescription medications myself. It forces me to go into town twice as many times for things I need to keep me alive!
  14. I can see cruise ships being a thing of the past after this. Glad we got it out of our system when we did. Being stuck on one of those for months with the infection would be hell on earth! I see Boris has been moved to ICU now...good luck mate! Nothing out of Russia about Vladimir but then bad news about him might cause instability I suppose. Our infection numbers are reducing slightly but any relaxation in rules could see that trend reverse quickly! Fotunately this doesn’t look as bad potentially as The Spanish flu a 100 years ago.
  15. G’day Cappy, I was thinking about you just recently, wondering how you were. Good to hear from you mate! As they call them “underlying conditions”, would see me in a lot of trouble if I get that bloody virus too! Good luck to you my friend and take care of yourself. Best wishes from Oz.
  16. I see Putin has tested positive! You'd think these world leaders would have stopped shaking hands weeks ago!
  17. Well they say “only the good die young” so I should be right for a while yet! You’re going to live forever Jim! Grin~
  18. I was hoping to get back your way in a few months but canned that as there’s no way I’m getting on a plane ATM! Maybe next year if I’m still kicking~
  19. Thanks Bob and I endorse your words from our experience so far. We have had a steady stream of volunteer helpers, wonderful people to a person! We are moving steadily forward and are coping pretty well. Still an experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone but we will be OK and our home will slowly come together again. Best wishes to you and Leilani my friend.
  20. Yeah and it gets difficult being upside down too! Drive counter clockwise? Not getting confused with which water the water goes down the dunny are you?
  21. Keeps you off the streets I suppose Bob..Grin~ Yesterday we had a builder here assessing repairs to and around the house from our insurance company. That wrote my morning off! Then after lunch we had girls from a local health organisation here looking to help. That wrote off the afternoon. Crikey if all the words were dollars I’d be a bloody millionaire! That’s another day I won’t get back! Then there’s the practical side and a group of volunteers are starting to rebuild our burned fences today. It’s a long weekend and the various organisations are flooded with volunteers wanting to help fire victims. However the task of rebuilding this country is huge.
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