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  1. Sorry I wondered whether the link would open for you up there. Eastern Browns are supposed to grow to about 6 feet but we saw one nearby that must have been 8 or 9’. Newly born they can easily kill you! This is a snake that you MUST take seriously! The link was about people having one slither over their feet while they stood perfectly still. The point was that if you remain still they won’t know you are there. The rest was a short film showing what to do in case of snakebite, it would be good for all of you to see whether there are dangerous snakes there or not.
  2. http://www.abc.net.a...eather/10302004 The Eastern or Common Brown is the second most dangerous snake in the world. Second only to the Black Mamba in South Africa. Kills more people in Oz than any other snake!
  3. I hope all goes well for you Brad, you deserve it!
  4. Not sure if this has been said regarding the attraction to younger people here but I suggest that their “music” has less guitar in it than ours, in some cases none.
  5. Yes I am Jim thanks.

  6. Digger

    Ca fires

    Sounds like summer in Oz! My thoughts go out to all affected as we know what its like, and that is scarey as hell! I think we’ve left the house on 3 occasions expecting it to be gone when we return. My advice to those in harms way is to insure the heck out of everything and leave early! I keep updated photo records of all our stuff, make model & serial numbers where applicable, copy of receipts on big stuff if you have them. There are no posessions worth your life!
  7. Forgot the subjext...Dave Hole! Been listening to him for years now.
  8. Too true! I’ve been known to drive 5 to 600 kilometres to a favorite Chinese....then to find its shut for annual holidays.....Grin~
  9. I’ve been on these sites for quite a while and if you think we are losing members now, all I can say is you should have seen it before! Mass walk outs! (me included) Apart from that it’s just the cut and thrust of life and to be expected. I do regret losing the people mentioned but as others have said ultimately you need a thick skin to dwell on internet forums. Don’t take offence, work things out via PM, not on the forum.
  10. I could never bring myself to watch that film....too much of it in real life~
  11. Thanks ME so do I though hard to see how they can survive animals that kill and eat 10’s of thousands of native birds each cat, per year Because of the damage I see done just here, I shoot them on site if I get the opportunity. To me they are all feral, if they are running loose.
  12. Hey cut it out I want summer otherwise my lawyer will be involved....Grin~
  13. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-09/quoll-breeding-program-a-success/9958188 These little guys have been wiped out on the mainland by introduced foxes and feral cats.
  14. Damn! Are we upside down...really? That might explain all my vertigo...Grin~ What happens when the plane reaches the equator? Do they do a barrel roll to get us up the right way? I must remember to leave my seat belt on when we get near Singapore!!
  15. Bloody hard work that ME, too hard for us old blokes. Perhaps I’d better bring my tractor over for you when we come over (just under 2 weeks). I wonder what excess baggage would be on 3 tonnes?
  16. Well I’m a strange person so I guess that's OK then~
  17. Stone the bloody crows, that sounds Australian, fair dinkum it does!
  18. Shoot the bloody crows and eat the corn yourself!
  19. I’m like you in that hard work is getting even harder! To compensate for my faulty body I just buy more machinery, as it’s the only way I can get the work done now Pappy. Usually winter is my most productive time as at least you can get bigger jobs done when it’s cool. However some days are meant for sitting inside with the wood fire blazing!
  20. I spend half my life trying to eradicate blackberry outbreaks! Keeps popping up with birds dropping seed when other landholders aren’t as vigilant as I am. Rated as a “Noxious weed” in Australia and you blokes can have it back as far as I’m concerned!
  21. Currently 51.8F here and blustery and showery. Winter is here in full effect!
  22. Thanks boys, very nice of you.
  23. Chuckle....It ws warm back all those years ago and I’ve been giving Brits hell about it ever since then. It would be embarrassing if I was wrong~
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