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  1. LarryUK


    I've been thinking of getting a 335, but I like the inlays on this 345. What if any is the difference? https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/191216352677008--gibson-es-345-sixties-cherry
  2. If it makes playing easier it has to be good. I remember a 58 Les Paul back in the 70's. someone I knew had it and the back was covered in leather, It was shaped to the guitar and only had a couple of fixing. But it totally protected the guitar. I looked for one but never found one.
  3. LarryUK


    Did it from Facebook.
  4. LarryUK


    It worked from Facebook.
  5. LarryUK


    How do you delete photos you have on here? It says I've used up my allowance. I've only got 5 pics on there.
  6. LarryUK


    I've just spent ages getting a photo small enough to post and now it tells me I've got too much content. All I've got in my attachment folder is 6 pics. What a stupid site. How do you delete the old content to post new and why can you only post so little? No wonder this site gets fewer users all the time. It's the hurdles you have to jump over to post something.
  7. LarryUK


    Sorry, I've bought a Strat. A USA Standard for 2014. A 60th anniversary one. It's got good specs and is mint. Only cost a bit more than a Vintera.
  8. I've not tried, but I've had ghost groups here. I've tried to upload photo's but it say's they're too large.
  9. I took a Sikh girl on a date last week. But she wouldn't let me near her. Her name was Sochal Distan Singh.
  10. What do Nun's have written on their headstones? Returned unopened.
  11. I'm jealous. Here in the UK you'd have to have £20 m to live like that. We live on top of each other.......Is that Bigfoot behind that tree?
  12. Looking at how the human world has fallen apart. We look out to space for other life, but are we the aliens we look for? We aren't natural to this planet are we? Did another planet that was dying (Mars?) come here and splice their DNA with Neanderthals? I think it's clear that history as we are told isn't the truth.
  13. The Smoker you drink the player you get. Joe Walsh. I never tire of it.
  14. LarryUK


    Are we the aliens and the Earth is rejecting us?
  15. The bill for all of this should go to those that made the virus. Hint hint.
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