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  1. https://heavymetaltruants.com/
  2. Plus there are many returned guitars with faults (B stock).
  3. Seems odd that it's 50 years ago. Still better than most bands now.
  4. For a bargain. Wait until the model year is ending. Then they sell that years stock off to make way for the new models. I got my new Player Plus for £999. https://imgur.com/46hVftE
  5. The best smell in the world. Puppies.
  6. LarryUK


    That looks nice. I've been looking for a parlour guitar too. I have a kink for Eko. The Italian brand. I learned on one and have some more. They do a nice one.
  7. How about Superstition. SRV vs Stevie Wonder?
  8. I can't believe I'm seeing people disagreeing on the pickup rings being wrong. If you pay a lot of money for what is an expensive instrument, the aesthetics should be pleasing to the eye. So, if a pick ring is askew it's wrong. I bought a 2018 Classic with P90's and the neck pickup is at an angle, Gibson said it was within spec. Tell me this is right?
  9. I must say that I see no difference here to a Chinese or Korean guitar maker. The speed that they turn them out. There's no finesse at all. The only luthier work I saw was the neck fitting and the end finishing job. But the way the files were so quickly run over the bridge and nut show that it's mass production and not a careful process. It's like they haven't got time to actually look at the guitar. On all the Les Paul's I've seen and bought in the past few years, the problems have been on the finishing. Poor neck work. I feel they've a long way to go to change the public's view of them.
  10. When I bought my LP Special recently. The seller had a Guild acoustic for sale and it was so light. It virtually floated away. Lovely guitar.
  11. They own 'Double Ball'! Ooh Matron!! ps. Do you Americana's understand and get the 'Carry on' humour?
  12. I think it was a warning that Gibson are going to attack China. They're going to bomb the Chibson factories. They're going to drop P90's on them. Hit them right in the Kluson's and blow their chambers up.
  13. When my brother tours America, he says his favourite place is Texas. But the only problem with it is the people. I don't know what he means though.
  14. So, if your house is $10m. You'd pay between $100k and $300k a year?
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