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  1. Looks like a lower standard than the Korean or Japanese videos I've seen. Barely a luthier in sight. All they want is pay day. I wonder what it's like without the cameras? Like a downtown kebab shop.
  2. https://wildwoodguitars.com/product/91379/60th-anniversary-wildwood-spec-by-tom-murphy-1959-les-paul-standard-4/?cat_id=32 After reading this post. I went onto Wildwood to look for faults o the CS guitars. My first guitar was a Tom Murphy LP at $7500! Look at the binding by the strap button. Not scraped properly and he's left stain on it. Go to the 7th pic. That isn't acceptable.
  3. I've not heard of that. Is it the same company as Headrush? That says it's powered by Eleven.
  4. As a starter, I've picked a Firehawk FX up for £190. I know it's not a Helix. But I like the way I can adjust it with my phone of iPad.
  5. The Helix is around £1150 UK, but I can get a used Headrush for under £500. Is the Helix that much better?
  6. Anyone here using the digital doomer of valves? Or a Headrush, GT1000? I'm thinking of getting a Helix, but I'm watching and waiting for a deal. I love my deals.
  7. I added a middle pickup in the 80's. just a wiring change.
  8. Yes. I also stumbled on to Doug Rappoport a few years back too. He plays for Edgar WInter, but he's a fantastic player. He does reviews on YouTube and his playing is so good and original, it's makes you want to give up.
  9. I look on YouTube a lot and I came across a guitarist, Javier Vinas. This is a great album. I bought it for my car. He's a tasty player.
  10. The website is already up. $5500 for a V? Mmmm. https://echoparkinstruments.com/
  11. Les Paul never seems to be on the lists and he was a great player. If people looked at his work they'd see that Bing Crosby hired him and for such a clean sound he was fast. Plus he probably gave more to modern music than anyone. If you have to ask, research him. He was no fool and constantly tried to improve equipment all his life, right up til the end. A guitarists guitarist. Notice that his P90's are different here in this clip.
  12. Why couldn't there have been a competition. Buy a new Gibson and go into a draw to win one? Whether you like them or not, winning one would be good. They could be marked to show they were seconds and a competition win to devalue them slightly and I'm sure some people would buy a new Gibson to try and win one. It would have only been 10-20 per country anyhow. Lots of corporations have bad PR. Heaven knows why? Here in the UK we had a problem with milk. The farmers were being paid less than it cost to produce it by the supermarkets. So why couldn't the shops have got together and increased the price by 10p and paid it to the farmers? Everyone would to keep the product home produced. But they didn't. Stupid.
  13. Why couldn't they just hire someone to take the electrics out and turn them into a normal guitar? The waste in this world in unbelievable. Especially food, while people go hungry. It makes you ashamed to be human. But profit rules in the boardroom.
  14. I've seen this ad for a Les Paul local to me. Bargain price. Anyone after one in the Midlands UK? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1215762798594548/
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