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  1. Sorry to see a member leave, but I now all about depression. I've struggled for years with it. Good luck in what you do.
  2. Nice guitar. Does it need those string trees?
  3. I think you should buy an old guitar and practice setting it up. I do all my own basic repairs. There are loads of videos on YouTube and the tools are relatively cheap. Knowing how a guitar works and how the electrics work will make you understand the guitar better. You can buy cheap SG copies or similar. I roll all the fretboard edges on my guitars. It makes them play far better. Who else does this?
  4. I have a family member who is 13 and she can't even tell the time. All she's bothered about is make up and pop stars. Why her mother or grandparents have done nothing heaven knows. I've had it out with her Grandfather (my brother) and it's all pass the blame. She comes to my house sometimes and it's like talkig to an empty shell. I've said that the next thing is she'll be pregnant and stuck in the life of a single mother with no future.
  5. Can you get any system to fit a Vibrola trem to an SG without drilling into the body like a Vibramate for a Bigsby?
  6. I looked into buying from there, but the charges and then the delivery cost make it more than a local private sale. It's a good site to sign up to though. I often look through the catalogue. They have some good stuff.
  7. I've not seen this advertised anywhere. https://guitar-auctions.co.uk/catalogue-preview-11th-12th-december-2019/
  8. What a difference. I've been to see guitars that have been filthy. Why can't people clean them up before they sell them
  9. Looks like a lower standard than the Korean or Japanese videos I've seen. Barely a luthier in sight. All they want is pay day. I wonder what it's like without the cameras? Like a downtown kebab shop.
  10. https://wildwoodguitars.com/product/91379/60th-anniversary-wildwood-spec-by-tom-murphy-1959-les-paul-standard-4/?cat_id=32 After reading this post. I went onto Wildwood to look for faults o the CS guitars. My first guitar was a Tom Murphy LP at $7500! Look at the binding by the strap button. Not scraped properly and he's left stain on it. Go to the 7th pic. That isn't acceptable.
  11. I've not heard of that. Is it the same company as Headrush? That says it's powered by Eleven.
  12. As a starter, I've picked a Firehawk FX up for £190. I know it's not a Helix. But I like the way I can adjust it with my phone of iPad.
  13. The Helix is around £1150 UK, but I can get a used Headrush for under £500. Is the Helix that much better?
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