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  1. LarryUK


    I've wondered for a while if normal programmed TV is ending. If I want to see something, I record it and watch it the next day so I can ff through the ads. It seems like we all watch online tv now and pay per view.
  2. LarryUK


    What TV do you watch? I'm finding I watch more on YouTube that normal TV now. I watch Netflix and Amazon, but get bored with the rubbish films. I watch review videos, cars and guitars, then Bigfoot etc. I like the Pooter and funny videos too. I watched 'An audience with Spike Milligan' last night. So good.
  3. Let's be positive. 12 string slide?
  4. I've been looking at an SG and like the look of the Lyre Vibrato. Is there a kit for fitting one without drilling like the Bigsby can be? Or has anyone made anything?
  5. I use a Radial Bigshot ab/y pedal.
  6. I use a Yamaha THR 10. Its loud, has built in effects and sounds great. I also have a Blackstar HT5R. Great combo.
  7. I've just been looking at a very similar one at Thomann. Its got gold hardware though. Some cheap Gibson's there too. https://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_ltd_daybreak_stratocaster.htm
  8. I had a Les Paul in the 70's with the low frets and it was hard to bend so I sold it. As the the Historic Makeover question. Have you seen the red 59 that Joe Bonamassa has just had fixed by them? What a great job. It's now a new 59. I think I'd rather have them do a makeover than buy a new Historic one from Gibson.
  9. So, if they had slaves that would be ok? I've seen a lot of comments about it over here in the UK as it's banned here.
  10. I've just watched it and can't believe that thousands of years in the future, they're still abusing dogs. A pit bull with it's ears cut off. disgraceful.
  11. I've been thinking of joining the modelling squad. So I bought a Boss ME 70 to try and now a Line 6 Firehawk. I like that I can adjust the Firehawk on my phone or tablet. But the distortion effects are too fuzzy. Are the Helix/Headrush etc better sounding? I always liked my old Marshall's full on. That gutsy distortion that isn't fuzzy. I like the other effects though. It's the easyness of it all that attracts. What have you got?
  12. https://imgur.com/ybvv3OB My most versatile is my Hamer Mirage. It can do anything. I've not seen a better Koa top either.
  13. Has anyone tried this product? It says it improves the tone. I've read reviews and they all say it works. So, I've come here for the truth. Are there better versions?
  14. LarryUK


    For Srat type guitars you don't need to buy the big F any more. There are so many makes that are as good. Did you compare it against a Fender?
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