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  1. I watched an interview with him and he sad that Bonamassa had got him into collecting. Then he had a flurry of videos on Instagram of him playing them. He must have spent a couple of mil on them. I suppose he's come to his senses and doesn't want them now.
  2. I came across an ES 139 online but it was £1200 UK. It only had silk screen Gibson on the headstock though. On looking around I came across this. https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/210325367873025-6485715--dangelico-premier-ss-black-ex-demo-us2667 The D'Angelico Premier SS no F holes. Only £399 UK. It almost looks the same and the reviews are very good Has anyone got a D'Angelico? Any good?
  3. When I see the prices of the new Gibson's here in the UK its ridiculous when you look at the poor finishing. Bad nut and fret ends being the main parts. When you look at comparison guitars like PRS, Knaggs etc, the finish is a league above. Then there is the new 'Murphy lab' guitars. Almost doubling the Custom shop prices and it's not even done by Murphy himself. They go on about how authentic they are. The body is authentic, But the plastics are new and the fretboard isn't aged. I can't see me buying a new Gibson for a long time, if ever,
  4. https://www.guitarworld.com/news/jared-james-nichols-sets-out-to-restore-one-of-the-first-gibson-les-pauls-ever-made-after-it-was-destroyed-in-a-tornado
  5. I'd like to see a 'Perfect, straight from the factory' model.
  6. Look how dry the finger boards look. Even now with their 'better than a real 59' attitude. They do nothing to the board. They say they roll them. I bet they discuss the price and roll about laughing . How much is a bit of lemon oil? £10k UK is a shock. I'd want Tom to deliver it on a red carpet for that.
  7. I think our Government (UK) are about to tax internet sales. The greed of them, Yet the billionaires still claw it in tax free.
  8. I'm seeing lots of posts online about cracks in nuts etc on Les Paul's. When you see the pics it's always lacquer on the nut. Poor masking and bad finishing. Then there are complaints about binding finishing. When are Gibson going to address these issues? It's clearly a problem that could be sorted. I've watched the factory videos and the people that finish the guitars are clearly not luthiers. They are cheap labour brought in from anywhere. Even the dealers could sort it. I've had one with it. I just edged the nut with a blade and popped the offending bit of lacquer off. I have to say that foreign factories are getting the edge on quality over Gibson, especially Japan.
  9. I've been looking for another 18 Classic. In gold or blue. I've always wanted a P90 red top/plain back LP and that is the cheapest way to get one. I looked at the M2M route but the price was ridiculous.
  10. Is it the line? If you don't like it, send it back. I've sent guitars back. You wouldn't have a tv with a fault.
  11. My mint 78 Hamer Sunburst is ex Jethro Tull. It was picked up on the 78 US tour. The bass player Tony Williams was signed up by Hamer as an artist and got this guitar. He was originally in Stealer's wheel and had a hit with 'Stuck in the middle with you'.
  12. Just bought one of the above. Its the one with 'Epiphone by Gibson' on the head. 1988. Great condition. I'll have it by Monday.
  13. I've been thinking of getting a 335, but I like the inlays on this 345. What if any is the difference? https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/191216352677008--gibson-es-345-sixties-cherry
  14. If it makes playing easier it has to be good. I remember a 58 Les Paul back in the 70's. someone I knew had it and the back was covered in leather, It was shaped to the guitar and only had a couple of fixing. But it totally protected the guitar. I looked for one but never found one.
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    Did it from Facebook.
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    It worked from Facebook.
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    How do you delete photos you have on here? It says I've used up my allowance. I've only got 5 pics on there.
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    I've just spent ages getting a photo small enough to post and now it tells me I've got too much content. All I've got in my attachment folder is 6 pics. What a stupid site. How do you delete the old content to post new and why can you only post so little? No wonder this site gets fewer users all the time. It's the hurdles you have to jump over to post something.
  19. LarryUK


    Sorry, I've bought a Strat. A USA Standard for 2014. A 60th anniversary one. It's got good specs and is mint. Only cost a bit more than a Vintera.
  20. I've not tried, but I've had ghost groups here. I've tried to upload photo's but it say's they're too large.
  21. I took a Sikh girl on a date last week. But she wouldn't let me near her. Her name was Sochal Distan Singh.
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