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Hello Everyone,

I've been offline for a while. Had some pretty serious surgury a while back.

Just pulled the trigger on a Alpine White Elitist Lp Custom. I bought it at Sam Ash and am

gonna hold my breath until I actually have it in my mitts and look it over. Never bought from

them,but heard not so good things about them. I hope it works out. Wish I could have got

the wine finish but it's disc. I look forward to this forum now I'm a bit healthier. Cheers.


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I was lucky enough to buy Lutheran1971's red wine custom when he wanted to sell it. As soon as I sell my house I'm gonna buy a white one.


The elitist customs, (like the most beautiful of women), look fantastic at first glance and look better and better the longer and more often you look at them. An absolutely beautiful guitar. Pure elegance.

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Good Luck with your new Elitist. I also wanted a Custom, but wanted one in red (or close to red in wine), so I settled for the standard Elitist in faded cherry burst.


The Elitists' fit and finish are so excellently done . . . the Customs are even more of a knockout! They play perfectly too, and sound awesome.

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